Comments of the month - December

The conspiracy theory to heat the earth has been uncovered by James Bond, there's a positive message for wind power PR and the state of Australian politics gets donkey votes on the agenda.

A look at some of our favourite comments for the month of December. As always we appreciate our reader input and we look forward to reading plenty more of it next year.

We start with the response of Pacific Hydro’s Andrew Richards to a commenter who questioned the company’s relationship with the ALP.

Given the number of ALP 'mates' ie: Pacific Hydro, that are totally reliant on the RET for their gravy train cash flows is it any surprise Combet signed off on this river of gold?” a commenter asked after reading this article.

To which Richards replied: 

Well, you’ve got us on that one

You and your conspiracy theory mates from the various pro nuclear, climate sceptic and fossil fuel interest groups you hang out with have eventually nabbed us in what can only be described as one of the greatest “gotcha” moments in history.

So yes, we are part of a secret organisation, run by Steve Bracks, Greg Combet and Christine Milne that controls world governments.

Now you will have to excuse me but James Bond has just broken into the office and is about to destroy the death ray we have been using to heat up the world and I have to go and stop him, those things are quite expensive.

Andrew Richards

Oversized Destructive Devices Manager

World Domination Division

Next up is a couple of comments on how wind can further improve its public image. Indeed, selling wind should be child’s play.

Making the invisible visible

George Crisp

It is interesting that Rottnest Island 12 km off the Perth / Fremantle has a wind turbine located atop the hill behind the very popular Geordie Bay and Longreach chalets. I have stayed at several of these chalets and know many others who have done similarly. The noise from the turbine is audible only dimly beneath the waves and the tinking of metal stays against the masts of many boats in the sheltered bays.

The windmill dominates the low-lying sand-dune landscape along with two lighthouses, providing familiar navigation markers along with useful real time real-time weather information for sailors and cyclists alike. Making the invisible and all important wind, visible.

I don't know anyone that has complained about this graceful diesel and gas saving device. I have heard, and hope, that another is on its way to Rottnest to meet increasing demand.

Wind needs better PR 

Wind power needs to prove that it is not harmful by inviting Australians to go visit. Make it a tourist attraction. Hold events in and around them. Set up novelty camping sites underneath them. Outdoor cinemas. Lookouts on top of them. Guided tours.

Then, eventually, they will become boring and ordinary, no one will show up and you will have won.

Fear of the unknown is hitting wind power out of the ballpark. 

Hell, get a 7.5MW wind turbine and brand it as "The Big Windmill".

If you can get people wanting to keep open a metal smelter poisoning them simply for jobs, opening up something that won’t kill them should be child’s play.

And finally Tim Brook calmly summed up the mood of the public with regard to politics and what this means for his vote in 2013:

The article really hits the nail on the head. The people wanted Rudd. He was turfed by his own party without ever losing an election. The polls show the people want Turnbull. He lost his party vote by one and may never get the chance to face an election (which he would win in a landslide).

There is something not quite right in the Australian democratic system. It is not working. The most likely outcome is Abbott wins narrowly by default (enough of the 'get them out votes' will be lodged). We will get another three years of divisive unpopular and erosive politics that does none of us any good. I guess the only winners out of this sad situation are the media and the twitterites.

I for one, feel I am left with no choice but to lodge a conscientious informal vote (or a donkey, depending on my mood) come election day. 

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