Australia breaks 2GW of solar PV

Australia has just passed 2 gigawatts of solar PV (about 20 years early according to ACIL Tasman). Time for Julia to break out the bubbly and crack-open the beers in celebration.

Dear Prime Minister Gillard,

(is it ok if I call you Julia?)

Guess WHAT!!! no really, GUESS WHAT!!!!

Today is a historic day for Australia’s energy industry and more importantly perhaps for the solar PV industry in our country. Bugger it, the WORLD!

According to data released by Warwick Johnston from Sunwiz, Australia now has 2 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV installed.

By our analysis, this equates to just under 4% of the 50GW of national capacity installed in the National Electricity Market and around 1% of Australia’s annual energy demand; perhaps more if you consider that demand is falling and conventional generation is starting to come off line.

You bloody beaudy, Julia.

When you have a sec, do you think you could please duck down the hall and let the others know?

I’m not sure they quite get it yet.

Over lunch, perhaps mention it to Minister Ferguson because I heard he’s about to launch a new Energy White Paper. I’m sure he’s already taken this into account,(surely?!) but perhaps let him know, just in case. It’ll give you something new to chat with him about instead of boring old “coal this and coal that and we really should just keep doing the same old thing Julia, let’s not get innovative for goodness sake”.

And if you bump into Mr Abbott, you should really let him know too (if you’re feeling generous) because I think he still has a plan to try and get one million homes with solar. (It’d be nice to just quietly mention we have already passed that number)

Maybe a team bonding exercise would be in order too, a sort of celebration with all the good folks at the Clean Energy Regulator, and the myriad of other staff who have battled away for years and years too. I’ve met some of them, they are really nice and genuine and some really like a beer. I reckon Julia, you should really splurge on this one, maybe grab some fireworks from down the road and set of a few crackers. Go wild.

If you see Senator Milne, give her a hug and say thanks. You have to admit the Green’s dogged persistence and tenacity have driven a lot of this result too.  They work hard too and Bob would love a call I reckon so he still feels in the loop.

Out of courtesy, you should definitely ring the solar industry bodies too. At least send them a carton of beer and a card or something, they really busted their chops over the last few years you know.

There’s some good PR in this you know Julia. I’m thinking a BIG press conference. Maybe get Alan Jones to MC it, he loves big news stories!. I’d invite Hawkie, Malc T (he loves solar you know), you’d have to ask Bob B ( I wouldn’t ask Tony though, he might be a bit “funny” after you mention the million homes thingy)…. get some really big names in there. Make a bit of a show of it Julia, go – on!.

And then, depending on whether it’s a good day or a bad day (I’d choose bad day) give those numbnut premiers a call will you? Just set up a teleconference with a promise of “Hey fella’s I’ve some big news for the States” or something, get them to all dial in and then WHAM – something like this,

“Guess WHAT! Despite most of you trying to crush the solar industry over and over again as soon as it started to get some real momentum, those crazy kids have gone out and done it – despite you! NYAAAAAH. Told you solar and that RET thingo was a good idea”

But Julia, you know who the real heroes are in this?

People, Julia, regular, mortgage belt, tax-paying people.

The punters who bought it are pretty much regular Aussies, trying to save a dollar. Some new data that came out the other day proves it.

And the installers Julia, the installers! Have you thought about how hard their job is, up on the tin, beavering away all day long whacking this stuff in? Sure, they are a bit on the nose after a long day, but cripes, they done a good job eh? I think they need two cartons each Julia, it’s no time to skimp. I did the numbers a while back, I think that works out at about 10,000 cartons of beer (just make it VB) plus some wine (nothing too flash) for all the other good folks behind the scenes. You’ll need another 5000 or so there.

And you know in sharing a beer with them it would make a great chance for you to score one up on Tony in donning the reflective vests and hardhats.

Also there’s a bunch of big business types in it these days too, you know. They invest in multi-billion dollar manufacturing plants and spend hundreds of millions on research and development, including at some of Australia’s universities. These guys even hold the odd PhD from an Australian University. They’re a bit more sophisticated so I’m thinking…… yep, a harbour cruise, definitely Julia a harbour cruise. Maybe chuck in a bridge climb for good measure.

I know, I know, you’re thinking  “Gosh how did this creep up on us so fast, it’s quite a surprise really!”. We’ll, here’s the drum Julia; you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Nigel Morris is the Director of Solar Business Services.

This article was originally published by SolarBusinessServices. Republished with permission.

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