23 Nov 2012 | The Age
COULD Labor and Liberal please drop the fiction that refugee policies are aimed at saving people from drowning, and admit that their motivation is to appease rednecks in the outer-suburban marginals.

Mike Puleston, Brunswick

Asylum seekers

WHATEVER happened to the human face of Labor? Its shameful policy on refugees is worse than that of the Coalition.

Louis Roller, Fitzroy North

HOW can Australia lock up children whose only "crime" was to have parents who sought a better life for them?

Evert de Graauw, Wantirna

"TOUGH" is acceptable if it prevents the drownings but "cruel" is not. Why must we use only the stick and not the carrot? Couldn't the bridging visa be amended to allow for community service and demonstrated citizenship qualities to lead to accelerated processing?

Ken Baxter, Mitcham

HERE we go again. Someone should again tell Tony Abbott it is not illegal to seek asylum in Australia ("Abbott called on 'illegal' slur", The Age, 22/11). Or is it that he just can't get it?

Bruce Rogers, Seaford

MR ABBOTT, is it illegal to be a refugee, or are dictionary meanings, and the law, slipping into comprehension difficulties again?

Keith Hallett, Gisborne

TONY Abbott: there is a massive difference between the housing on Nauru and a "four-star or a five-star hotel" ("New crackdown on refugees", The Age, 22/11).

Avery Poole, Southbank


THAT'S all we need, more drop-kicks going viral ("Rabid rant goes viral", The Age, 22/11). The world already thinks Australians are dumb, drunk, racist and violent. So much for the "clever country". Time to turn it around. Racism is so yesterday.

Marisa Spiller, West Essendon

WOW, free tickets to the F1 ("No need for night grand prix: Jones", Sport, 22/11). I'll take 100,000, thanks. That will really fix the crowd numbers at Albert Park.

Clive Davies, Brighton

THE redevelopment of Fishermans Bend - now I understand why Ted Baillieu switched from being an architect to a politician.

Bernadette Earl, Parkville

I CANNOT believe a new three-kilometre runway, effectively a bitumen road, at Melbourne Airport would cost $500 million ("Avalon boss rails against Tullamarine plans", theage. com.au, 21/11). Will it be paved with gold?

Ed Veber, Malvern East


THE Pope declaring there was no donkey at the Nativity ("Animals out of manger", The Age, 22/11) is a bit like arguing whether Dr Who's sonic screwdriver is plastic or metallic. Doesn't the Pope have bigger things to worry about?

Richard Aspland, Rosanna

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