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Wrap up of 2020

Hear from our Chairman Paul Clitheroe as he summarises learnings from 2020 and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
5mths ago

Paul's Insights: Are your grown children eroding your wealth?

I suspect there are few times in life when we take more notice of our investments, and the performance of asset markets, than in the years just before and during retirement. While many people in these life stages worry about the potential for market downturns, their wealth can be impacted far more profoundly by something much simpler - providing financial support to their adult children.
6mths ago

Paul's Insights: Super savings benefit from Budget reforms

Australia's super savings are now worth more than $3 trillion. That's good news, but there are weak spots in the system including over $20 billion in lost and forgotten accounts, and close to four in ten people still have more than one super account.
8mths ago

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