Portfolio Promotion
Portfolio Promotion

InvestSMART Conservative

Simple low cost investment to provide better returns than cash.
Conservative portfolio performance
A little more risk for a lot more return.
The InvestSMART Conservative Portfolio is designed for investors looking for a better return than cash or investing for short term goals like a property deposit. This portfolio achieves higher returns than cash because it invests a small percentage in Australian shares, International shares and property and infrastructure.
Consistency is key and over the last 5 years the InvestSMART Conservative Portfolio has returned 4.81% p.a in total returns and 3.11% p.a. in income to investors after fees and before franking credits.
The Portfolio invests in a blend of 5 - 15 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), with a higher allocation in defensive income assets (bonds & cash) versus growth assets (shares & property), all managed in the one portfolio.
Benefits of investing in this portfolio:
Professionally managed portfolio of ASX listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Focused on low volatility, consistent income stream and capital protection
Low management fees from $2 a week to a maximum capped fee of $451 per year no matter your investment size*
Online reporting and end of year tax reporting
Performance# to 31 March 2021
1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr 5 yr
Capital Return 6.67% 0.99% 2.09% 1.19% 1.70%
Income Return 2.52% 2.52% 2.78% 2.86% 3.11%
Total Return 9.19% 3.51% 4.87% 4.05% 4.81%
Average of 1006 peers funds^ 8.49% 3.35% 3.66% 3.43% 3.62%
Excess to Peers 0.70% 0.16% 1.21% 0.62% 1.19%
Offer: 3 Months complimentary access to Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report if you invest during the offer period+
Offer opensMonday 19th April 2021
Offer closes (extended)Monday 31 May 2021
Minimum Investment amount$10,000
Management Fees$99 - $451 p.a. capped
Brokerage costGreater of $5.50 and 0.099% per trade per security

Our investment committee

The primary role of our Committee is to oversee the general management and ongoing monitoring of our investment solutions and investment strategies.

  • Paul Clitheroe, AM
    Paul Clitheroe, AM
    Paul Clitheroe, AM AM, B.A. (UNSW), SNF Fin, CFP Chairman

    Paul has 37 years of investment experience and is regarded one of Australia's leading "money" experts. From 1993 to 2002, Paul hosted the popular Channel 9 program Money and now currently writes for newspapers across Australia, is a frequent guest expert on Australia's major television networks and radio.

    Paul is Chairman of The Australian Government Financial Literacy Board and Money Magazine. He also holds the Chair of Financial Literacy at Macquarie University.

  • Effie Zahos
    Independent Director
    Effie Zahos
    Effie Zahos Independent Director

    Effie is one of Australia’s leading personal finance commentators with more than two decades of experience helping Australians make the most of their money. A regular money expert on Channel 9’s Today Show and on radio around Australia, Effie is also the author of The Great $20 Adventure and A Real Girl’s Guide to Money.

    Effie was editor of Money magazine until 2019, having helped establish it in 1999 and is now Editor-at-Large of Canstar. Passionate about financial literacy, Effie sits on the board of directors for Ecstra, a not-for-profit organisation committed to building the financial capability of all Australians.

    Effie holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree from the University of Queensland. She is the proud mother of two children who are beginning to build on their own financial freedom.

  • Alan Kohler, AM
    Alan Kohler, AM
    Alan Kohler, AM Editor-in-Chief

    Alan has been covering business and markets as a financial journalist for 48 years, including two stints as the Financial Review’s Chanticleer columnist and periods as editor of The Age and the AFR. He also started Eureka Report in 2005 and Business Spectator in 2007.

    As well as being Editor-in-Chief of InvestSMART Group, Alan is currently finance presenter on ABC News, Business Editor at Large of The Australian, presenter of the Talking Business channel on Qantas radio and an adjunct professor in the business faculty at Victoria University.

  • Ron Hodge
    Managing Director
    Ron Hodge
    Ron Hodge B.Com, B.Econ, MSc. Info Tech, GAICD, SF FIN Managing Director

    Ron has worked in financial services for over 25 years, including UBS in Singapore and Bell Commodities in Sydney and founded InvestSMART in 1999. Ron holds a Masters degree in Computer Science, Bachelor Degrees in Commerce and Economics, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

  • Alastair Davidson
    Head of Funds Management
    Alastair Davidson
    Alastair Davidson B Ec (Hons), CA Head of Funds Management

    Alastair has held executive positions in the banking and financial services industry for over 27 years in the UK, USA and Australia. Prior to joining InvestSMART in 2014, he held Director positions with Aurora Funds Limited, Challenger and Salomon Smith Barney. Alastair has an Honours degree in Economics from the University of St Andrews and is currently the Treasurer of the Centenary Institute of Medical Research, Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Centenary Institute Endowment Fund and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland.


Yes, your InvestSMART PMA will receive dividends from the holdings. InvestSMART does not participate in dividend reinvestment plans. As the dividends from your holdings are paid they will go into the cash component of your account. You will see these via the Dividends & Interest tab and Deposits & Withdrawals tab within the InvestSMART Funds section of the Portfolio Manager.

Clients can elect to have the dividends paid out in a monthly income sweep. At the end of each month all dividends and interest received by your account will be tallied and paid out to the bank account you nominated in your application form.

If you do not have an income sweep in place the dividends will remain as cash and invested when your portfolios cash percentage exceeds the investment models.

Yes. When you submit your tax return you will receive your franking credits.

Yes, you can easily switch between investment models and yes you can hold more than one investment model in the same account.

To switch between investment models simply click on Modify Allocations via the Quick Links section or within My Account. There are no administration fees for changing between models. The only costs associated would be the brokerage charges for selling and buying the new holdings. 

You can hold as many investment models in the same account as you like. If the model is part of our capped fee range the management fee will apply to your account as a whole. For example if you hold the InvestSMART Balanced Portfolio and the InvestSMART International Portfolio you will only pay a maximum of $451pa on your portfolio and not $451 per model.

No, your Eureka Report access will be linked with your InvestSMART login and is non transferrable to someone else.
The complimentary access will be added on to the end of your existing membership extending it by three months.
Your complimentary Eureka Report membership will be activated upon receipt of your initial funds and will automatically be applied to your InvestSMART login.
+ The Complimentary 3-month Eureka Subscription Offer (Offer) is available to new and existing investors in the InvestSMART Conservative Portfolio where the investment is funded between 16 April and 31 May 2021. RRP $99.