Webinar: Growth and Income Portfolio Updates with Nathan Bell

In his recent webinar, Portfolio Manager Nathan Bell provides an update on the Growth and Income Portfolios. He also discusses what's our competitive edge and answers a few questions.
By · 14 Feb 2019
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14 Feb 2019 · 60 min read
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In this webinar, Portfolio Manager Nathan Bell provides an update on the Equity Growth and Equity Income Portfolios including what has been bought and sold over the quarter. He chats about our competitive edge and what he looks for to find value stocks. He also explains why we're positioned to benefit from our bullish view on the US residential property market. 

In the Q&A section, Nathan explains:

  • If Frontier Digital Venture's investment in EMs currency is hedged;
  • The competitors Class faces;
  • His view on the heavily shorted company JB HI-FI;  
  • Clydesdale Bank's share price increase; and
  • What stocks are on his current watchlist

Nathan manages the Intelligent Investor Equity Growth Portfolio and the Intelligent Investor Equity Income Portfolio. The Intelligent Investor Equity Income Portfolio is also available as an active ETF (listed fund) on the ASX via the code INIF

We're also looking to launch Australia's first Ethical Active ETF which will be managed by Nathan. To learn more about this exciting opportunity click here



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Nathan Bell
Nathan Bell
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