InvestSMART's Performance for the December Quarter

2022 was a textbook example of the benefits of diversification, low fees and a long-term timeframe when it comes to investing.
By · 18 Jan 2023
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18 Jan 2023 · 5 min read
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2022 has shown to be a textbook example of why you should invest for the long term.

Three significant downturns in 2022 of either 8% or more caught most people's attention. What was hidden from view was the ASX  also had three significant upturns, meaning it almost finished the year in the black. As a result, the ASX ended up down just 1.08% over the year.

If we expand to three years, the ASX, on a total returns basis, has given investors 19.9%. Finally, if we move out to a more realistic investment timeframe of five years, the ASX has returned 43.1% to investors like you.

And this is why we talk in years and in total returns in the investing game.

Thus 2022 is a year to remember for the following two reasons. First, one year does not make an investment, and second, investing for the long term with a diverse range of holdings will make riding out a year like 2022 that bit easier.

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