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Nuts and Bolts: Fixed Income Part 1

Normally, fixed income is defined as: An investment in which the borrower or issuer (i.e., a sovereign government) is obligated to make scheduled fixed payments (known as coupon payments) for a fixed amount of time (for example: over a 10-year period). At maturity (the end of the fixed time) investors are paid the principle amount they invested, in addition to the interest they have received over the life of the investment.
2d ago

One key factor to make money on property

Rising property values across much of Australia are likely to attract the interest of investors in 2021. But buying in a 'hot' market calls for extra care.
3d ago

Bitcoin: Will the bubble burst?

There's nothing like a fast-rising market to attract interest. But when it comes to Bitcoin's latest meteoric rise, could history repeat?
1wk ago

Cashback or lower rate?

As competition between lenders heats up, some are offering cashback payments of up to $5,000 when you refinance a home loan. But does it offer good value?
2wks ago

How do you create an ETF portfolio?

While you need to be mindful of the current economic climate when considering which of Australia's 240-plus ETFs to invest in, you also need to keep one eye on the horizon - as it's over the longer term that your best returns will be achieved.
1mth ago

How to compare ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) come in many shapes and sizes. There are active and passive, ones that just look at a single commodity or currency, index ones, ones that follow a basket of selected stocks and even ones that have leverage built in.
1mth ago

Paul's Insights: Managing rising back to school bills

Back-to-school costs can take the shine off those first few weeks of term. Parents often have mixed emotions around their kids returning to school. Along with a much anticipated (by parents) return to routine, the end of the holidays brings the inevitable round of education costs.
1mth ago

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