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Take our short quiz. Tell us about your needs and goals. We'll create an investment plan that's right for you.
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How it works

How it works. Tell us a bit about yourself and get a personalised investment plan.

How it works step 1

Tell us a bit about yourself

Answer a few simple questions about your needs and goals.
How it works step 2

Get a personalised investment plan

We'll provide you with a recommended investment portfolio to match your goal.
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Invest & we’ll manage the rest

Complete the application and we'll handle all the investing for you.

Goal focused. Having a goal in mind will help you make better financial decisions.

Invest for any of life’s moments

Whether you're aiming for a short-term goal like an amazing holiday or a long-term goal like building wealth, we have expert-built investment portfolios tailored just for you.

More life, less admin

Set your wealth journey to automate. We take care of the little things that matter a lot, like asset allocation, rebalancing, and dividend reinvestment.

Modern portfolios for modern investors

Diversified ETF portfolios designed to maximise returns, while reducing risk to a level you're comfortable with.

Low cost investing

Investing shouldn't be expensive. Our low capped fees helps you keep more of your returns.

Wealth goal

Retirement + SMSFs

Plan for the life you want in retirement. We have expert built investments tailored for your goals.

More life, less admin

No paperwork, stock picking or stress. We manage the trading, rebalancing, reinvestment, and income distribution so you can get on with your life.

Diversified ETF portfolios

Diversification can reduce or increase the level of risk and return you're comfortable with. Our portfolios are spread across Australian, global, bonds and property ETFs.

Capped fees

Investing for retirement shouldn't be expensive. Our fees are capped at $550 p.a so you earn more money in the long term.

Retirement goal

Buying a home

Saving for a home or an investment property? A diversified investment portfolio can help you reach your goal faster.

Increasing property prices

A diversified ETF portfolio can help your deposit stay on track with rising property prices.

Built for market highs and lows

Portfolios that get your money working hard for capital growth, while reducing risk as you save for a home deposit.

Low cost investing

Keep more of your returns with low fees. We offer capped fee investments, helping you earn more.

Home goal

Investing for children

Set your kids up for financial success by investing early for them.

Designed for long term success

The sooner you start investing, the better off they'll be. Watch their investments grow online together.

Diversified ETF portfolios

Our exchange traded fund portfolios provide access to a huge range of investments including Australian shares, international shares and bonds for long-term capital growth.

Low fees

Investing for children shouldn't be expensive. Starting at $55 p.a and capped at $550 p.a. our fees are low so they can earn more.

Education goal

Invest with us. Explore our low-cost diversified ETF portfolios.

Investing in a portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs) is a low-cost way to spread your money across different industries, countries and asset classes.
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Effie Zahos Effie Zahos
Effie Zahos
Effie is one of Australia’s leading personal finance commentators with more than two decades of experience helping Australians make the most of their money. A regular money expert on Channel 9’s Today Show and on radio around Australia, Effie is also the author of The Great $20 Adventure and A Real Girl’s Guide to Money and Ditch the Debt and Get Rich.
Wealth creator
Money expert
Paul Clitheroe Paul Clitheroe
Paul Clitheroe, AM
Paul has 37 years of investment experience and is regarded one of Australia's leading "money" experts. From 1993 to 2002, Paul hosted the popular Channel 9 program Money and now currently writes for newspapers across Australia, is a frequent guest expert on Australia's major television networks and radio.
Paul is Chairman of The Australian Government Financial Literacy Board and Money Magazine. He also holds the Chair of Financial Literacy at Macquarie University.
Alan Kohler Alan Kohler
Alan Kohler, AM
Alan has been covering business and markets as a financial journalist for 48 years, including two stints as the Financial Review’s Chanticleer columnist and periods as editor of The Age and the AFR. He also started Eureka Report in 2005 and Business Spectator in 2007.
As well as being Editor-in-Chief of InvestSMART Group, Alan is currently finance presenter on ABC News, Business Editor at Large of The Australian, presenter of the Talking Business channel on Qantas radio and an adjunct professor in the business faculty at Victoria University.
Founder-Eureka Report