What are the fees?

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By · 17 Feb 2021
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Tom Wilson
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17 Feb 2021
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Hi, are there withdrawal fees on taking money back out ? What are the ongoing management fees. ? Are there fees for adding extra money to existing account ? - Submitted by Garry


The InvestSMART range of diversified managed portfolios offers capped-fees.

How capped fees work?

Our capped management fees are tiered depending on your investment amount. The fees start at just $99 p.a. and are capped at $451 p.a. for any investments over $82,000*.

Check out this interactive slider.

There are no withdrawal fees.

However, remember that you will incur brokerage when we have to trade (buy or sell) holdings. We make trades for these reasons:

  • Creating your portfolio and buying holdings
  • Adding funds to your account and buying holdings
  • When rebalancing your portfolio, so it stays in line with the portfolio objectives. Rebalancing may involve the buying of some holdings and the selling of others.
  • You are withdrawing funds from your account and selling holdings to free up cash for the withdrawal.
  • Closing your portfolio and selling all holdings

We've negotiated low brokerage. It's the greater of $5.50 per trade or 0.11% of the trades' value to buy (or sell) the securities within your portfolio. There are up to seven holdings in each portfolio. You can see each portfolio's holdings by going to Key Facts > Allocations > Current Holdings on each of the portfolio's product pages.

The Product Disclosure Statement is important and will list the fees for your investment. You should always read the PDS for any investment you are considering. You can find the PDSon on each portfolio page.

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