Editing, deleting, updating assets in Portfolio Manager


In the Portfolio Manager, how do you edit a portfolio, delete shares or change the value of a property? - Submitted by John 


To edit a portfolio, click 'Settings' at the top right.

Here you can:

  • Clone the Portfolio
  • Delete the Portfolio
  • Rename the Portfolio
  • Change the Type of Portfolio (Investment/Superannuation/Hypothetical)

To delete shares go to Current Holdings > Shares, Options & ETFs.

Click the cog/gear at the beginning of the share you'd like to edit or delete.

Click View/Edit Transactions

Here you can change a number of pieces of information.

To delete, click the trash bin.

Changing the value of a property is similar.

Go to Current Holdings > Property

Select the pen icon at the start of the line.

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Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson
Product Specialist