APIR Codes for Funds


Do all funds and investments use APIR Codes? - Submitted by Robyn


The InvestSMART portfolios do not have APIR codes as they are managed portfolios.

What is a Managed Portfolio?

Think of your own share portfolio that you might have with a broker like Commsec or Nabtrade. A managed portfolio is similar, the holdings are in your name, but InvestSMART manages the day-to-day decisions for you. This might include rebalancing, buying and selling holdings etc.

If you have another fund with another provider, you can compare your fund to the InvestSMART portfolios using the Compare your fund tool. If you know the APIR code for your fund you can enter it or search using the funds name.

APIR maintains an FAQ here.

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Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson
Product Specialist