TECHNOLOGY SPECTATOR: Why Canberra should watch #USelection

Kevin Rudd used burgeoning social media platforms back in 2007, but with the use of Twitter and Facebook now so ubiquitous, Australian political strategists will be watching their use in the 2012 US election campaign closely.

Forget mailouts, doorknocking and those long-winded TV ad campaigns. Our politicians have yet another trick up their sleeve and its set to play a vital role in Australia’s next election.

That trick is social media. And while this tool is not so new, its grown in influence over the past couple of years.

In fact, according to an archived article from The Australian, its first use in an election was back during the days of Kevin 07. Rudd used Myspace and Facebook to ride his way to victory. Rudd’s slogan to go with his adoption of this (at the time) new social media tool: "we’re cool already”.

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