BEGINNERS (1 point each)

BEGINNERS (1 point each)

1. What was the name of the political police in Nazi Germany?

2. When you pit a cherry, what exactly do you do?

3. Where is a lei given as a welcome?

4. Becoming more common in cars, what is GPS short for?

5. The Emmy Awards recognise which industry?

INTERMEDIATE (2 points each)

6. Joe Gargery, Jaggers and Abel Magwitch are characters from which Charles Dickens novel?

7. Which people were led by Genghis Khan?

8. What is sometimes referred to as a grand mal?

9. Chrissy Amphlett is the cousin of which teenage surfie singer of the '60s?

10. An amalgam of two Japanese words, what does karaoke mean?

ADVANCED (3 points each)

11. What was Melbourne's first licensed newspaper?

12. Trichology is the study of what?

13. What is the difference between the diet of the tortoise and the terrapin?

14. Which is the only one of New York's boroughs on the mainland?

15. The discovery of gold in 1896 drew people to which region of Canada?

ANSWERS: 1. Gestapo 2. Remove the stone 3. Hawaii 4. Global positioning system 5. US television industry 6. Great Expectations 7. Mongols 8. Seizure caused by epilepsy 9. Little Pattie (Amphlett) 10. Empty orchestra 11. Port Phillip Gazette (1838) 12. Hair and scalp 13. The tortoise is vegetarian, the terrapin is carnivorous 14. The Bronx 15. The Klondike

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