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Make spelling gel

Course: Spelling magic.

Course: Spelling magic.

When it comes to our ABCs, for most of us, it's a skill we need to work at. While rote learning has its place, it's not the answer for many.

"Research shows only around 40 per cent of students can memorise words and transfer them to their everyday writing; the other 60 per cent need to be taught how," says Learning Made Easier's Chris Killey. In this interactive one-day course, targeted primarily at teachers and teachers' aides, participants learn 29 spelling rules that apply to 83 per cent of all words.

"As a skill, spelling requires listening to a word that is pronounced correctly. Then, the different types of syllables need to be taught, as the vowel sound will be represented in a consistent way depending on where it is placed in the syllable," she says.

That's not all. Once these basics are mastered, spellers need to learn how to "encode" letters to unlock the sounds applicable to each syllable.

Duration: One day.

Time: 9am to 3.30pm.

Where: Port Melbourne (however, courses run nationally across the year).

When: October 25 (and regular dates throughout each year).



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