InvestSMART Forum: Actionable Ideas for Diversification

Setting financial goals and achieving them through diversification.
By · 4 Jan 2018
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4 Jan 2018
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In October and November, we took the InvestSMART Diversification Forum on the road. Watch all the insights below. 




A five-step plan for reaching your goals

Presented by Ron Hodge, CEO of InvestSMART (14:24 mins)

Staying the course is not easy - A five-step plan to reaching your goals.

  1. Setting goals
  2. Build your portfolio with the right risk/return profile
  3. Monitor and track your portfolio
  4. Rebalance your portfolio when it gets out of whack
  5. Revisit your financial goals when things change.

Our Portfolio Manager tracks and monitors your investments to give you the trusted advice you need to grow your wealth. More info here.


Putting the value in your portfolio

Presented by Gaurav Sodhi, Deputy Head of Research (28:38 mins)

  • Investing is simple, but not easy
  • To get better results from the crowd, we need to act differently from the crowd
  • We illustrate our framework with 2 stock examples

Tap into the best independent share research, superannuation and retirement strategies from our team of analysts and advisers. Find out more here. 


Smaller companies can play a part in achieving your goals

Presented by Alex Hughes, Senior Analyst (20:11 mins)

  • Why we think there is an opportunity in small companies
  • How the fund identifies investments
  • A case study of an investment in the fund

Find out more about our Small Companies Managed Fund here.


Live Q&A in Melbourne (26:15 mins)

Take advantage of our online Q&A forum and ask us questions that relate to stocks, recommendations and investing generally here.

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