If you're still playing catch up on this weeks news then start here for the very best analysis including Kohler on grocery watch, Gottliebsen on commodity prices, Bartholomeusz on Asciano and much, much more.

What's in your basket?
Alan Kohler
The new Grocery Choice website has already taught me two things. Firstly, you would be crazy not to head to Aldi for your bread and milk and secondly, advertising revenue models are about to get a big shake up.

Commodities at tipping-point
Robert Gottliebsen
If oil, copper and other minerals fall much further the high risk structures supporting them will unwind as they have in the debt and share markets.

Quitting the debt habit
Stephen Bartholomeusz
Asciano's results show that the company isn't in bad shape, just hampered by its levels of debt. The cutting of distributions is a good start but all companies need to fund growth somehow.

On the prowl with AXA
Tony Boyd
Chief executive of AXA Asia Pacific Andrew Penn says that a significant acquisition will require a fresh approach to capital management, a decision that won't be made lightly.

Sunny prospects
Giles Parkinson
Great strides are being made in the development of solar thermal power assets – one reason the fossil fuel lobby is trying to block US government subsidies to this expanding industry.