In this week’s essential reading guide, Kohler bursts the housing bubble hysteria, Koukoulas analyses Bernanke's extension of QE, Bartholomeusz homes in on bank regulators, and Gottliebsen sees big opportunities for small business under Tony Abbott.

A housing bubble? You bewdy!
Alan Kohler
What could be better than another housing bubble? Maybe measures to brace the massive portion of our GDP growth that's now falling away…

The man with the golden gun
Stephen Koukoulas
Erring towards too much stimulus, for too long, is plainly preferable to Ben Bernanke than a repeat of the years following the Great Depression. And financial markets are thrilled to hear it.

Why regulators should be loan rangers
Stephen Bartholomeusz
Regulators short on options have homed in on property loan-to-valuation ratios, but it's loan serviceability that should be firmly in their sights.

The Abbott cabinet is unique
Robert Gottliebsen
Tony Abbott’s new cabinet line-up is about to unleash the pent-up political power of small business in Australia. Big business will have significant adjustments to make.

What a housing bubble looks like
Christopher Mason 
The Canadian example shows the Reserve Bank must be careful not to keep rates too low if it is to play a meaningful role in preventing a housing bubble burst.

Banking: Still crazy five years later
Alan Kohler 
Fact is, the monetary system relies on inherent banking instability and risk-taking. Half a decade after Lehman, the US is still encouraging big banks to repeat history.

Will Abbott avoid the Babcock & Brown trap?
Rob Burgess
Fast talking won’t fix Australia’s structural problems any more than it helped Babcock in 2009. But it’s commentators, as well as Canberra, that must look beyond spin.

Communism in mining - Liberal Party style
Tristan Edis
Industry Minister Macfarlane wants to rush miners into extracting "every molecule of gas", but the interests of Australians (as opposed to politicians) are best served by letting the private sector to determine project timing.

Will Apple ever give NFC a chance?
Supratim Adhikari
NFC has one again failed to float Apple’s boat and don’t expect it to make an appearance in the iPhone 6 either. With Google now buying Bump what does the future hold for the technology?

Fed nerves will extend past Summers
Robert Gottliebsen
According to Al Wojnilower, US growth will likely remain at 2 per cent for the next year or more. No wonder hardliner Larry Summers incited fears as potential head of the Fed.

Bernanke has the AUD on a yo-yo
Kirstie Spicer
The Australian dollar's climb back toward parity is threatening a fledgling recovery and puts the RBA between a rock and a hard place.

A big victory is dawning for small business
Peter Strong
Legislation on competition policy and contracts is often tailored to big business interests. Under the new government ministry, small businessses will make their voices heard.

China’s FDI obstacle course
John Lee
Foreigners are complaining about China’s FDI approval process for good reason: it’s onerous, arbitrary and vastly different to what Beijing seeks from Australia.

Will Abbott avoid the Babcock & Brown trap?
Rob Burgess 
Fast talking won’t fix Australia’s structural problems any more than it helped Babcock in 2009. But it’s commentators, as well as Canberra, that must look beyond spin.

The sum of all our dollar fears...
Stephen Koukoulas
Concerns about the currency are overblown, considering its meaningful fall over the last six months. In fact the Reserve Bank has good reason to relax.

Legal eagles' dirty tricks
Amanda Saunders
Data Room: Legal partners are resorting to dirty tactics to guard their territory in a subdued M&A market, but it's nothing personal.

Premier's made-to-measure growth pattern
Stephen Bartholomeusz
Uniquely in the local retail market, Solomon Lew is shifting into an ambitious growth phase after three years of intense focus on costs.

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