Guide to tidying up your Portfolio Manager holdings

Does your Portfolio Manager data need a tidy up? Here are the top four actions for cleaning up your Managed Funds in the InvestSMART Portfolio Manager.
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21 Jul 2023 · 5 min read
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The InvestSMART Portfolio Manager is the only free Portfolio Manager in Australia to combine ASX listed stocks, property, cash and managed funds. It’s a powerful tool to track your total wealth. But, it is only as good as the data you include.  

Below you’ll find a useful guide to editing and adding transactions. Additionally, for more on the Portfolio Manager please see Are You Getting the Most out of InestSMART’s Portfolio Manager, Managed Funds and the Portfolio Manager and visit the Portfolio Manager Help Centre

How to edit a holding 

If you still hold the managed fund but the purchase information is incorrect or incomplete, you will use the edit function. To edit your holding click on the pencil icon to the left of the fund name. Here you will be able to edit the purchase date, price and number of units. 

Mark a holding as sold 

If you have sold all or part of your investment in a managed fund you can record this sale by clicking on the cog on the left-hand side and selecting Record a Sale. By using the Record a Sale function the transaction, the record of the sale will be saved in the Record of Sales section below your current holidngs. 

If you have purchased multiple parcels of units you are able to record a sale against those specific parcels. 

Delete a holding 

If you wish to delete a managed fund holding altogether, simply click on the edit pencil and click on the bin icon on the left corresponding to the transaction you wish to delete. 

Add a purchase 

To add a brand-new fund to your holdings, click on Record a Purchase above the Current Holdings table. 

To add a purchase of a fund in your current holdings click the cog next to the fund name and click Record a Purchase. 


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