Company Name Offer Status Offer Opening Offer Closing Expected Listing Date Issue Price Overview
Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited Open 15 Aug 2016 30 Sep 2016 14 Oct 2016 $1.10 The Company has been established to provide shareholders with exposure to a high conviction portfolio of global investments, predominantly comprised of long and short positions1 in international listed securities. It is intended that the investments will be actively managed to achieve two objectives over a reasonable investment horizon (typically 3 – 5 years): – generate returns after fees in excess of the MSCI All Country World Net Index (AUD) (a common benchmark used to measure international shares performance); and – preserve capital.
DomaCom Open 11 Jul 2016 5 Aug 2016 18 Aug 2016 $0.75 DomaCom is at the forefront of change occurring within global financial services coupled with innovations occurring in technology. We are seeing rapid development in new companies like DomaCom using the power of technology to disrupt the traditional methods of delivering financial services.
CFOAM LIMITED Open 27 Jun 2016 18 Jul 2016 29 Jul 2016 $0.20 CFOAM Limited will raise up to $9 million, with a minimum subscription of $5 million under the Public Offer which will be used settle the Acquisition, implement the de bottleneck of the CFOAM production process and commence the Company’s commercialisation strategy.
Trac Group Holdings Ltd. Open 25 Dec 2015 27 May 2016 7 Jun 2016 $0.25

Trac Group has designed smart roofing solutions that can also harvest the sun’s energy to generate electricity and heated water. This technology is called Roof Integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (RIPV-T) and is marketed by Trac Group under the TractileTM brand. Worldwide there are 514 cities with a population of more than 1,000,000 people and 211 of these cities are within countries in which patents relating to its TractileTM Products have already been granted to Trac Group. Of the 303 cities remaining, 257 are the subject of patent applications that are in the process of examination.

WAM Leaders Limited Open 12 Apr 2016 17 May 2016 30 May 2016 $1.10

Wilson Asset Management believes Australian and New Zealand investors have limited access to research-driven, active and index unaware fund managers focused on Australia’s Large-cap listed companies.

Visual Amplifiers Limited Closed 14 Apr 2016 29 Apr 2016 13 May 2016 $0.30

VAMP was founded in August 2014 with the objective of connecting Brands to sophisticated influencer marketers (Influencers) in order to provide authentic, lifestyle-based product placement through social media.

Skin Elements Limited Open 7 Jan 2016 26 Feb 2016 To be advised $0.20

Skin Elements is a developer of natural skin care technology and formulae and holds a portfolio of skin care products including the award winning Soléo Organics natural sunscreen (Soléo Organics) and the Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics (EJNC) brands. The company aspires to become a significant national and international participant in an increasingly health conscious consumer market and in doing so aims to become the number one recognised national and international sunscreen band.

Sugar Dragon Limited Closed 4 Feb 2016 7 Mar 2016 To be advised $0.20 Sugar Dragon Limited owns a 72.5% interest in Okmno Asia Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong (Okmno). Okmno is a confectionary wholesaling business based in Hong Kong. Okmno contracts the manufacture of the confectionary products with manufacturers in Germany and mainland China. Okmno also contracts with wholesale customers in East Asia. The majority of Okmno’s revenue is derived from sales to wholesale customers in South Korea and Taiwan.
Macquarie Gold Limited Open 9 Aug 2016 6 Sep 2016 $0.30 The Company was formed as an Australian unlisted public company in November 2010 to invest in gold projects. In January 2011, it acquired for cash consideration Challenger Mines Ltd (now Challenger Mines Pty Ltd) which holds a number of mining tenements covering the majority of the Adelong Gold Field.
Broo Ltd Open 23 Aug 2016 19 Sep 2016 $0.20 The Company is currently focused on the production, marketing and sale of two beer products. The Company’s Broo Premium Lager brand was launched in September 2009, while the Company’s subsidiary, Australia Draught Pty Ltd (Australia Draught) launched the Australia Draught Beer brand in 2014 as a pilot product under a limited retail release.