How should I invest during uncertain times?
Past event
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Tuesday, 08 November 2022
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM AEDT
This event will take place online.

With markets here and overseas experiencing volatility, along with the uneasy feeling that there's always some new global event about to kick off, we're often asked, "How should I invest during uncertain times?".

In this talk, we consider different strategies for how we should invest during difficult times and argue that the right approach often depends on our capacity to tolerate risk and loss.

We'll cover the following:

  • dollar cost averaging, 
  • strategies that might help, 
  • putting events into perspective, 
  • understanding why timeframe is important
  • how can automation help fight those pesky doubts and bad habits

We'll also run through the performance of some of the InvestSMART PMA Portfolios. Hosted by InvestSMARTs Chief Market Strategist Evan Lucas and co-hosted by Product Specialist Tom Wilson.

If you'd like us to address anything specific about the PMAs or portfolio management, please register a question when signing up for the webinar or email