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General Information

Colonial FirstChoice Personal Super - FirstChoice Fixed Interest
Colonial First State Investments Limited
Bonds - Global / Australia
(as at 30 Sep 2009)
Not Rated
13 May 2002
$117.29 million (as at 30 Jun 2015)
$2.0994 (as at 24 Jul 2015)
$2.0911 (as at 24 Jul 2015)

Fund performance (30 Jun 2015) NOTE : returns for periods greater than 1 year are annualised

  1 Month
3 Month
6 Month
1 Year
% p.a.
2 Year
% p.a.
3 Year
% p.a.
5 Year
% p.a.
10 Year
% p.a.
Total return -1.01 -1.96 0.25 3.83 4.46 4.04 5.11 4.61
Growth return -1.01 -1.96 0.25 3.83 4.46 4.04 5.11 4.61
Income return 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Morningstar index (Mstar PG Sup Bonds - Global / Aus Idx)

Total return -0.94 -1.88 0.04 3.16 4 3.45 4.53 4.12

Market index (Morningstar Aus UBS Comp/BCGA TR Hdg AUD)

Total return -1 -1.83 0.74 5.63 6.27 5.4 6.86 6.8

Asset allocation (30 Jun 2015)

Australian Equities 0%
International Equities 0%
Cash 1.94%
Property & Infrastructure 0%
Fixed Interest 98.06%
Mortgage 0%
Alternatives 0%
Asset Allocation

Objectives and Strategy

To provide relatively stable returns with low potential for capital loss by investing in Australian and global fixed interest securities. To outperform the composite benchmark of 50% Citigroup World Broad Investment Grade Index, hedged to Australian dollars and 50% Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+Yr Index over rolling three-year periods before fees and taxes.
To invest in a diversified portfolio of government and corporate bonds that aims to deliver relatively stable returns with less fluctuation than investing in shares and property. The investments are managed by a number of leading fixed interest managers containing both index managers whose investments aim to mirror the index, and active managers who aim to outperform the index. The underlying managers of this option may use long short strategies. The portfolio aims to hedge currency risk.

Be rewarded for investing!

Recently, the federal government introduced a package of reforms known as the Future of Financial Advice - FoFA for short. Among other things, the package bans trailing fees and other commissions for new investments in retail investment products from 1 July 2013. That's good news for investors!

Unfortunately, the reforms don't cover existing investments - so even after 1 July 2013, you could find yourself paying hidden commissions on managed funds. That means TrailCap can still save you money.


Offer information

Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR) 1.57% (as at 19 May 2014) (Estimated)
Minimum initial investment $1,500.00
Minimum additional investments
Minimum redemption amount

Top 10 holdings (as at 30 Apr 2015)

Holding Type % of Portfolio
Australian Index Linked 1.0 21/11/2018 - I/L Bond - Corporate Bond 2.23%
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