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Weaker iron ore prices to weigh on market

1 Jul 2015 By Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) by Ric Spooner International markets appear to have found a level where they are happy to sit and wait on the next developments in the Greek debt crisis. Greece’s failure to meet the deadline on its IMF payment looks to have been fully anticipated by markets. Barring unknowns, the next critical event for markets will be the outcome of Sunday’s referendum.

Flight to quality

29 Jun 2015 By Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) by Ric Spooner Initial market reactions to weekend news on Greece have understandably involved a flight to quality. This morning’s early market reaction has included selling Eurodollars and stock futures on the one hand and buying $US; Japanese yen and gold on the other.

Greece and US interest rates remain the key focus

26 Jun 2015 CMC Markets by Ric Spooner Markets seem to be exactly where they were last Friday as far as Greece is concerned. The world is waiting on another set of “last ditch” meetings with a general expectation that crisis will be averted but concerned that there is some room for doubt. The bottom line as far as today’s trading is concerned may be to leave both buyers and sellers cautious.

Where SMSFs can turn for ‘validation’

26 Jun 2015 InvestSMART Trustees of self-managed super funds can build some investment confidence if they follow the simple rules of allocation and diversification.

Greek “No Deal”, good enough trigger to sell

25 Jun 2015 By Betty Lam (Sales Trader, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets Local shares switched into sell mode from Thursday’s market open and continued in much the same fashion for the remainder of the session. Greece’s “no deal” status seemed like a good enough excuse for local investors to pull the trigger ahead of financial year end.

Greece tosses toys from the pram – again

25 Jun 2015 By Michael McCarthy (chief market strategist, CMC Markets) by Michael McCarthy In an entirely predictable manoeuvre, the developed world’s oldest adolescent has once again failed to solve its problems at the eleventh hour. Once again, according to the Greek PM, the fault lies with everyone but Greece itself. Amid hints of recriminations and dark conspiracies optimism evaporated.

Steady as she goes…for now

24 Jun 2015 By Will Leys (Sales Trader, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets It’s been a case of ‘steady as she goes’ for the Australian stock market, with the local index trading within a tight range before ending the day marginally higher.

Markets put Greece behind them

24 Jun 2015 By Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) by Ric Spooner Although a resolution on extending further credit Greece is yet to be finalised, markets are acting on the assumption that it’s a foregone conclusion.

Charlie Brown rally

23 Jun 2015 By Michael McCarthy (chief market strategist, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets Surely, this time the European Lucy won’t pull the football at the last second, causing the global markets Charlie Brown to fall flat on his face. Judging by market action, this is the consensus position. Despite a perfect lack of detail, optimism around a “Greek solution” is high, and share markets across the Asia Pacific region are set for gains at the open this morning.

Markets seem to be looking past Greece

22 Jun 2015 Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets by Ric Spooner While the question of whether Greece stays in the Euro looms as a significant event in economic history, potentially impacting the lives of many people, it seems the broader international markets have concluded that it’s a question that’s unlikely to have much relevance for them.

1 - 10 of 23 results

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