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How far will the ‘sell banks, buy resources’ theme play out?

24 Apr 2015 By Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets Stronger iron ore and oil prices combined with a positive lead from US markets will see the stock market open stronger this morning.

Sirtex's trial disappoints

23 Apr 2015 Intelligent Investor by Gaurav Sodhi Sirtex shares plunged as the company announced poor results from a medical trial.

GBST gaining momentum

23 Apr 2015 Intelligent Investor by Nathan Bell GBST is starting to fulfil its potential, but have we missed the boat?

Local market suspended in flat

23 Apr 2015 By Betty Lam (Sales Trader, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets Mixed leads overnight set the tone for Thursday trading. Investors were still pondering inflation numbers and what it means for the timing of a future rate cut. High yielding stocks were under scrutiny and were subjected to downward pressure. The big banks and Telstra all saw a little fat trimmed off their value as traders switched to materials.

Cautious start but solid production report from BHP

22 Apr 2015 By Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets The stock market looks set for a cautious open as traders wait on today’s CPI data; further news on renegotiating Greece’s debt facility and this week’ US oil production data.

Perpetual: Interim result 2015

21 Apr 2015 Intelligent Investor by James Carlisle Perpetual's turnaround is almost complete and it's been an unqualified success.

Amalgamated on a roll

21 Apr 2015 Intelligent Investor by Nathan Bell Amalgamated’s share price has increased 21% in the past month, which is a big move for such a pedestrian business. The company recently reported a 68% increase in operating profit to $47m compared to the same period last year for the quarter ending 30 September, following an ‘outstanding’ skiing season at Thredbo and good performances from its German cinema and local hotel business. Amalgamated also has a number of investments that should help increase profits in the years ahead. Three QT hotels are scheduled to open at Bondi in Sydney, Melbourne and Queenstown, the adrenalin capital of New Zealand. New...

Casinos: Interim results 2013

21 Apr 2015 Intelligent Investor by Jason Prowd Which casino operator is the better bet? Jason Prowd assesses the latest results to find out.

Alumina: Still corporate Australia’s easiest gig

21 Apr 2015 Intelligent Investor by John Addis There’s a fish-in-a-barrel quality to criticising ceo pay. Most are so extraordinarily overpaid that an entire industry – remuneration consulting – has sprung up to justify it. Nevertheless, a few totemic pay cheques stand out. There’s Scott Charlton, Transurban(ASX:TCL) ceo, who earned almost $5m last year collecting road tolls, and the coterie of bank ceos, each of which earns tens of millions for running a government-mandated skimming operation.

Strong leads

21 Apr 2015 By Michael McCarthy (chief market strategist, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets Strong leads from international markets will see Australian shares jump at the opening today. In a delayed reaction to the People’s Bank of China’s newest round of stimulus, share markets in Europe and the US surged, reversing the weaker Asia Pacific market response. Oil prices made further gains, but weakness in other industrial commodities and precious metals will likely restrain enthusiasm.
Showing: 1-10 of 69
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