InvestSMART Diversified Portfolios


  • The best long-term investment results are delivered by combining your financial objectives with lower fees.
  • At InvestSmart, every portfolio we build is tax efficient and cost-effective.

Tired of fees eating away at your investment returns?

At InvestSMART, we combine disciplined investment selection with strategic asset allocation to create an investment portfolio that delivers fewer fees.

The expertise of our team of investment professionals takes the guesswork out of building an appropriate portfolio, which can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task, especially for inexperienced investors.

The marketplace is a sophisticated creature, with literally thousands of investments vying for your attention. At InvestSMART, our investment team has done the work for you, by carefully selecting a portfolio of lower cost ETFs, which have the potential to maximise your returns.

InvestSMART helps people to achieve a smarter financial future with minimal effort and at a fraction of the fees of traditional financial services.

Why SMA's?

An InvestSMART diversified portfolio account provides investors with a more efficient investment structure than traditional managed funds through the use of Separately Managed accounts (SMA).

An SMA provides investors with individual ownership of a portfolio of ASX listed securities discretionally managed by InvestSMART. Even though an SMA can be constructed with any number of ASX listed securities, InvestSMART chooses to build their portfolios on mainly ETF's, which ensures greater diversification across and within several asset classes.

Why ETF's?

ETF's chosen for our portfolios are commonly referred to as index huggers. That is, we do not try and actively pick individual stocks but gain exposure to entire markets through commonly globally traded indices such as the MSCI and All Ords.

It is widely known that active fund managers do not consistently beat their benchmark index. Why pay the extra transaction costs of buying and selling securities plus the high fees charged by active managers when you can simply buy an index fund?

How it works?

Your Account can be constructed by using a range of available investment strategies that you select. Each investment strategy is referred to as a Diversified Portfolio detailed in the table below. Once you decide which Diversified Portfolio(s) are best suited to your investment needs and objectives, we will purchase securities to be included in your Account so that it reflects your chosen Diversified Portfolio, or combination of Diversified Portfolios, that you have selected.

You will be the beneficial owner of the securities in your Account. This means that at any time, you wish for us to no longer manage your portfolio of securities we can transfer these in specie to your own broker account so you can manage yourself with no tax consequences because you have not sold your investments.

InvestSMART will manage your Diversified Portfolio on an ongoing basis, and we will buy and sell securities to be included in, or removed from, your Account as we reweight and rebalance our Diversified Portfolios.

At InvestSmart, we take the management of your money seriously, and our pledge to you, is to select the best portfolios that match your investment goals.

InvestSMART Diversified Portfolio Options

Investment objective Benchmark Index
Income A largely defensive portfolio with some exposures to growth assets RBA Cash Rate + 2% Open an Account
Conservative A largely defensive portfolio with some exposures to growth assets RBA Cash Rate + 2.5% Open an Account
Balanced A moderate to high level of capital growth with some defensive exposures RBA Cash Rate + 3% Open an Account
Growth A high level of capital growth with some defensive exposures. RBA Cash Rate + 3.5% Open an Account
High Growth A high level of capital growth without traditional defensive exposures RBA Cash Rate + 4% Open an Account
International Equities A high level of exposure to the international equities share markets
  • MSCI World Index
  • Ex-Australia & Unhedged
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