InvestSMART Diversified Portfolios

Create your own diversified portfolio, designed by experts and automated for efficiency.

Smart investing by design


Create a diversified portfolio of global assets in one simple investment.


Each portfolio is designed by strategic asset allocation specialists, then automated for efficiency and responsiveness.

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Your portfolio is structured as a separately managed account (SMA), so you retain beneficial ownership and control.

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Low, low fees.

We harness the power of exchange traded funds (ETFs) to combine maximum diversification with lower costs.

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Automated for excellence.

Our unique automated investment features take the guesswork out of investing, streamlining everything from transactions to rebalancing.

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Our sophisticated portfolio design maximises performance at every risk level, through optimised diversification and lower fees.

How it works

  1. Choose your risk profile

    Tell us your goals and we'll automatically suggest a portfolio to match. Choose your risk profile now.

  2. Choose your diversified portfolio

    Choose a portfolio of globally diversified, low cost ETFs.

  3. Invest

    Download the PDS and apply. We'll set up your SMA and take care of day-to-day management - while you relax and watch your money work.

Why it works

  • Intelligent asset allocation is a key driver of better investment performance. Our six designer portfolios are carefully optimised to give you the right balance.
  • Sadly, most active investors don't beat the market -including 75% of active Australian share funds.* By using index-tracking ETFs, we take the emotion and the guesswork out of investing, while keeping fees low.
  • Even better, we use investment automation to build in best practice and deliver a high quality service for less.

Choose your portfolio

Conservative Portfolio

Designed for a reliable return with security.

Risk rating: Low
Income potential: Medium
Growth potential: Low

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Balanced Portfolio

Designed for a moderate, medium-term return with reduced risk.

Risk rating: Medium
Income potential: Medium
Growth potential: Medium

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Growth Portfolio

Designed for growth over the medium term.

Risk rating: High
Income potential: Low
Growth potential: High

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High Growth Portfolio

Designed for higher growth over the longer term.

Risk rating: Very high
Income potential: Low
Growth potential: Very high

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International Portfolio

Designed for diversification into high growth international shares.

Risk rating: Very high
Income potential: Low
Growth potential: Very high

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* The proportion of actively managed general Australian equity funds outperformed by the ASX 200 in the five years to June 2014. Source: S&P Dow Jones Indices SPIVA® Australia Scorecard, Mid-Year 2014.