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risen by 7.6 +0.14%
332,447,555 ($13,624,473,414)

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Index Current value + Change
S&P/ASX 200 5415.8 risen by 0.16% 8.5
Materials 9694.4 fallen by 0.67% -65.1
Industrials 4119.2 risen by 0.31% 12.8
Financials 6014.2 risen by 0.45% 27.2

+ Indice values are delayed by at least 20 minutes. Values are indicative only.

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  • 289 rising
  • 236 steady
  • 332 falling
  • 289 %
  • 236 %
  • 332 %
Indices Value Movement Percentage Movement
CWG $0.081 risen by $0.021 +35%
GBI $0.28 risen by $0.04 +16.67%
TNG $0.195 risen by $0.025 +14.71%
AWE $1.91 risen by $0.23 +13.69%
Indices Value Movement Percentage Movement
ANZ $31.42 fallen by $0.01 -0.03%
CWN $14.58 fallen by $0.01 -0.07%
FLT $45.15 fallen by $0.05 -0.11%
BEAR $17.95 fallen by $0.02 -0.11%

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Market news

The euro’s political weak spot

French politics is a major direct menace for the euro, even if that dénouement might still be three years away and it might appear a low possibility. But, if the threat materialises, it will be lethal for the euro. - Michael Collins, Investment Commentator at Fidelity

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The risk of new "bail-in" hybrids

My commentary this week runs along my rather common theme of late: Hybrids, their complex structures and inherent risks. There are an estimated 75,000 consumers invested in hybrids in Australia. I believe this is an area that deserves some attention.

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Sigma At Support

Despite a stronger performance, investors appear disappointed with Sigma's H1 results - bringing the stock to a key chart point.

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Company announcements

Date/time Code Headline
18 Sep 2014 5:18PM QXQ Security Purchase Plan
18 Sep 2014 5:07PM SYI Distribution Record Date Announcement
18 Sep 2014 5:05PM SLF Distribution Record Date Announcement
18 Sep 2014 5:05PM OSH Drilling Update (Hides, PRL 15)
18 Sep 2014 4:43PM ONC Company Update
18 Sep 2014 4:33PM AJJ 2014 Profit Guidance
18 Sep 2014 4:31PM OEL Trading Halt
18 Sep 2014 4:31PM EZA Ezeatm - Sale of ATM Business and ATM Assets

Upcoming dividends

Company Dividend Franking Ex-dividend date
Ironbark Capital Limited (IBC) 100% 15/12/2014
Naos Emerging Opportunities Company Limited (NCC) 100% 20/11/2014
Tamawood Limited (TWD) 13¢ 100% 13/11/2014
Gale Pacific Limited (GAP) 1.35¢ 0% 13/11/2014
Zicom Group Limited (ZGL) 0.45¢ 0% 12/11/2014
E&A Limited (EAL) 2.75¢ 100% 12/11/2014
Desane Group Holdings Limited (DGH) 100% 12/11/2014
Waterco Limited (WAT) 100% 10/11/2014
Shenhua International Limited (SHU) 2.5¢ 0% 07/11/2014
FFI Holdings Limited (FFI) 7.5¢ 100% 31/10/2014
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