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Investment news

Mortgage trusts: A viable option for income seekers

25 Jul 2014 Trilogy Funds Management - Investors are constantly preached to about the virtues of diversification within their portfolio...

FY 2014 - another strong year for Australian and international shares

23 Jul 2014 by Chris Walker As we move into the new financial year, let’s have a look at how local and international shares, as well as a selection of share fund managers, performed.

Like NZ rugby players, the NZ economy is outperforming

18 Jul 2014 by Chris Walker Investors take note. It’s not just rugby players that outperform in New Zealand, the economy and local sharemarket have also been riding high. Indeed, the New Zealand bourse, like the nation’s annoyingly good All Blacks, has shown its Australian counterpart a clean pair of heels in the five years to mid-July 2014.

European jitters won’t result in return to GFC

16 Jul 2014 by Anthony O’Brien Just as concerns about oil supply disruptions from Iraq were starting to settle, along comes a European bank scare...

US unemployment takes a dive

15 Jul 2014 by Anthony O'Brien America’s payroll employment report for June provided a positive surprise for financial markets...

Don’t always expect rivers of gold with small caps

7 Jul 2014 by Anthony O'Brien Small-cap investing has been in the news recently with a report in the Fairfax media drawing attention to the decision by Australia’s most prominent small-cap investor, Paradice Investment Management, to return more than $800 million of its client’s money.

Rates on hold for good thanks to faltering confidence and property values

2 Jul 2014 by Anthony O'Brien At its meeting this week, the RBA decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2.5%. It is now almost a year since the Australian federal bank last tweaked the cash rate, and according to Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist, Australia & New Zealand, HSBC Bank Australia this holding pattern is set to continue.

Are stock markets at a tipping point for a correction?

2 Jul 2014 by Chris Walker With sharemarkets in many parts of the world at or near all-time highs, some analysts are wondering if the most likely direction they will take as 2014 proceeds, is downwards.

Australian shares or residential property?

2 Jul 2014 by Chris Walker Which is the best investment – shares or residential property? It’s a question that enthrals most Australian investors, with many vehemently liking one, but not the other, and lots of people putting most if not all their investment eggs into just one of these asset baskets.
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