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Investment news

Unemployment rate hits 12 year high

15 Aug 2014 by Anthony O'Brien Australian unemployment has hit a 12 year high. Sound bad - but how bad? What are the implications for the economy?

SMSFs driving much of ETF’s growth

15 Aug 2014 by Chris Walker ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds (which are basically managed funds traded on the stock exchange, hence the name), continue to be enthusiastically embraced by investors. Furthermore, according to a recent report from Vanguard and Investment Trends, self-managed super funds are driving much of their burgeoning growth.

Global shares splutter

8 Aug 2014 by Anthony O'Brien International shares have spluttered recently thanks to worries about the looming threat of US inflation, more Russian sanctions, the defaulting Argentinian economy and the collapse of Portugal’s Banco Espírito Santo.

Rates on hold as US economy continues to rebound

6 Aug 2014 by Anthony O'Brien As widely expected the US Federal Reserve left interest rates on hold near zero this week, despite better economic news out for the world’s biggest economy.

Australian shares to defy choppy economic outlook for now

31 Jul 2014 by Anthony O'Brien The Australian economy has lost some of the momentum it was building in late 2013 according to the latest Investment Outlook Report (Australia) from van Eyk. The investment research house attributes the economy’s current condition to a combination of factors including a weaker Chinese economy and falling commodity prices, and the RBA’s decision to leave interest rates on hold since August 2013.

Australian merger and acquisitions activity hits a high

28 Jul 2014 by Chris Walker Not only is the Australian sharemarket trading around a post-GFC high, the level of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) is also on the rise.

Mortgage trusts: A viable option for income seekers

25 Jul 2014 Trilogy Funds Management - Investors are constantly preached to about the virtues of diversification within their portfolio...

FY 2014 - another strong year for Australian and international shares

23 Jul 2014 by Chris Walker As we move into the new financial year, let’s have a look at how local and international shares, as well as a selection of share fund managers, performed.
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