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China’s Property Problems

21 Nov 2014 By James White, Analyst, Colonial First State - The growth in China’s property sector has been substantial in the course of the last 15 years. This has been fed by the country’s rapid urbanisation and, more worryingly, by speculation as households seek higher returning assets.

The return of the dollar

21 Nov 2014 By Mohamed A, El-Erian, Chief Economic Adviser, Allianz - The US dollar is on the move and two factors are working in its favour, particularly when compared to the euro and the yen. First, the United States is consistently outperforming Europe and Japan in terms of economic growth and dynamism – and will likely continue to do so.

US midterm election outcome could be marginally positive for markets

20 Nov 2014 By Libby Cantrill and Josh Thimons – PIMCO Viewpoints - In the recent US midterm elections the Republicans gained a majority in the Senate and increased their existing majority in the House of Representatives. With now, a some 30-seat majority, it represents the largest Republican House majority since the Depression. However, while this may appear big trouble for Obama, the composition of the new Republicans will in fact be more centrist (i.e. less ‘Tea Party’).

South Korea: Why we’re wary of Australia’s fourth-largest trading partner

20 Nov 2014 By Samir Mehta, Senior Fund Manager, BT Wholesale Asian Share Fund – from BTIM Market Insights - Our below-benchmark exposure to South Korea is often questioned by clients. They ask – aren't there well-known companies, renowned brands or industry-leading businesses to invest in? Isn't that a very big risk we take deviating from the benchmark?

Busting key myths about bonds

19 Nov 2014 FIIG - by Angus Knight Famous investor Warren Buffett once commented that investors should never have more than 75% shares in their portfolio and never less than 25% bonds and they should also never own more than 75% bonds and never less than 25% shares. Australian SMSFs, however, do not hold even close to Buffet’s recommended level, with less than 1% in bonds. This is in stark contrast to investors in the US, UK and Europe who hold much higher allocations.

Hold off until December MYEFO

18 Nov 2014 BR Securities Australia - by David Bickford Big issues are mounting for Australia, I would wait until the Federal Government mid year Econonic and Fiscal Outlook in December before committing to buy more hybrids.

Macro data supports markets while investors ponder potential China Free Trade Agreement winners

17 Nov 2014 Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) - by CMC Markets US markets again defied local nervousness on Friday, holding steady at the end of a week in which the ASX 200 fell 1.7%. The firm US lead, broadly solid economic releases and some strength in commodity prices should see a steady open to the Australian market this morning.

Fed to hike earlier than expected

17 Nov 2014 Betashares - by David Bassanese With the United States Federal Reserve having officially ended its quantitative easing program, thoughts naturally turn to the outlook for US interest rates. When will the Fed start raising the funds rate from current near-zero levels, and what will this do to share prices?

Even a fall in the oil price is bad news for Eurozone

16 Nov 2014 By Roger Bootle – Telegraph - That oil prices fell to $US78 per barrel last week, the lowest since 2010, is highly significant. Moreover, there is a good chance that they will fall much further.

Australian Share Market - Close Up

11 Nov 2014 CMC Markets - The Australian share market is in a decision zone - and trading from here may set the direction for the rest of the year.
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