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Equities appear cheap given low interest rates

27 Feb 2015 Betashares by David Bassanese With the strong rise in the Australian share market over the past month, concern has naturally arisen over whether the market is now overvalued.

Flying Kangaroo soars as the market retreats

26 Feb 2015 By Betty Lam (Sales Trader, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets Aussie stocks took a breather on Thursday, breaking a three session winning streak. The local bourse switched back into teetering at the 5900 level following a 40 point pull-back as the week’s trading profits materialised.

Lowflation: Economic Enemy No.1

25 Feb 2015 Morgan Stanley The battle against lowflation may decide whether the global expansion sputters, or ramps into one of the longest on record.

Fed's Yellen flags rate hikes on 'meeting-by-meeting' basis

25 Feb 2015 Reuters The Federal Reserve is preparing to consider interest rate hikes "on a meeting-by-meeting basis," Fed Chair Janet Yellen told a congressional committee on Tuesday, a subtle shift of emphasis that helps lay the groundwork for the Fed's first rate hike since 2006.

Why the Bond Market Is Yielding Negative and What Negative Yields Mean for You

25 Feb 2015 PIMCO Negative yields on bonds are no longer unicorns. In Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and several other European countries, government bonds are trading at negative nominal yields. There are four potential reasons that can explain the negative yield conundrum and can also illustrate the trade-offs between different investment strategies.

Yellen extends the Goldilocks outlook for stocks

25 Feb 2015 By Ric Spooner (Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets The two potential international risk events for markets had positive outcomes last night. Janet Yellen’s testimony moved expectations for a rate hike out in time while the boxes were ticked to cement a four month funding program for Greece.

Markets remain cautious despite the deal between Greece and its creditors

24 Feb 2015 Perpetual - Matthew Sherwood Global financial markets welcomed the deal between Greece and its creditors but remained highly cautious given the lingering uncertainty about the path ahead for Athens. While Greece was given a four month loan extension, that is less time than what it seems within which they need to construct an alternative reform agenda .

Goldman Sees Value Outside of ‘Stretched’ U.S. Equities

24 Feb 2015 Goldman Sachs via Bloomberg Seven months after the Federal Reserve warned that valuations of some smaller, biotechnology and social-media stocks may be “stretched” in the U.S., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is using the same word to describe the whole shebang.

Another 21 great investment quotes

24 Feb 2015 AMP Capital - Dr Shane Oliver Investing can be profitable as well as fun, but it can also be unnerving and unprofitable if you don’t understand markets and don’t have the right mindset. The basics of successful investing are timeless and some experts have a knack of encapsulating these in a way that’s insightful.

Big Australia

24 Feb 2015 By Michael McCarthy (Chief Market Strategist, CMC Markets) by CMC Markets Weaker commodity prices and a disappointing result from the world’s largest listed mining company could see Australian shares under pressure at the open today, although a fall in the Australian dollar overnight may bring international support. Local factors will be highly influential as another twenty top tier companies release reports.
Showing: 1-10 of 25284 Page of 2529