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Investment markets and key developments over the past week

2 Mar 2015 AMP Capital - Dr Shane Oliver Most share markets rose over the last week helped by a combination of good news on Greece, benign comments from Fed Chair Yellen and okay economic data and profit results. US shares lost 0.3%, but Eurozone shares rose 2.7%, Japanese shares rose 2.5%, Chinese shares gained 2% and Australian shares rose 0.8%. This capped off a strong month.

Buffett’s 2014 letter: Corporate cancers, preachers of pessimism and lessons of history

1 Mar 2015 Warren Buffett via Market Watch In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Chairman and Chief Executive Warren Buffett continues his tradition of delivering all sorts of cleverly worded musings on the markets. Here are 13 of the choicest quotes.

The Next Crisis: Some thoughts on shapes, paths and catalysts

27 Feb 2015 Morphic Asset Management The 2007-08 “Great Recession” (or Global Financial Crisis as Australians prefer to call it) was a financial crisis that saw some of the largest losses and contagion effects across asset classes in at least 30 years and was coupled with one of the deepest recessions experienced in the USA in terms of job losses, since 1930. Arguably the only reason we are sitting here typing (or reading) this, is thanks to the deep and unprecedented government interventions in both fiscal and monetary policy.

Bubbles and the corruption of risk

27 Feb 2015 Roger Montgomery via Cufflinks I have previously warned that the combination of the demographic avalanche of retiring baby boomers, low interest rates and a disproportionately large amount of their wealth in cash would mean that stocks and property would continue to rise for a while. I call it ‘The Boom We Have to Have.’ But like all booms, this one will also bust.

Negative interest rates are distorting markets

27 Feb 2015 Harbour Asset Management NZ Once upon a time, we all thought that the lowest interest rate could possibly go was zero. However, the actions of European central banks have thrown this assumption on its head. Fifteen percent of global sovereign bonds are now trading with a negative yield.

Why the Bond Market Is Yielding Negative and What Negative Yields Mean for You

25 Feb 2015 PIMCO Negative yields on bonds are no longer unicorns. In Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and several other European countries, government bonds are trading at negative nominal yields. There are four potential reasons that can explain the negative yield conundrum and can also illustrate the trade-offs between different investment strategies.

Fixed Interest Exchange Traded Funds - look through to the assets to assess the risks

25 Feb 2015 BR Securities Australia by David Bickford Fixed Interest Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are available to those who don't want to invest directly in fixed interest securities. We recommend you look at such funds the same way you look at individual securities.

Markets remain cautious despite the deal between Greece and its creditors

24 Feb 2015 Perpetual - Matthew Sherwood Global financial markets welcomed the deal between Greece and its creditors but remained highly cautious given the lingering uncertainty about the path ahead for Athens. While Greece was given a four month loan extension, that is less time than what it seems within which they need to construct an alternative reform agenda .

Goldman Sees Value Outside of ‘Stretched’ U.S. Equities

24 Feb 2015 Goldman Sachs via Bloomberg Seven months after the Federal Reserve warned that valuations of some smaller, biotechnology and social-media stocks may be “stretched” in the U.S., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is using the same word to describe the whole shebang.

Another 21 great investment quotes

24 Feb 2015 AMP Capital - Dr Shane Oliver Investing can be profitable as well as fun, but it can also be unnerving and unprofitable if you don’t understand markets and don’t have the right mindset. The basics of successful investing are timeless and some experts have a knack of encapsulating these in a way that’s insightful.
Showing: 1-10 of 665 Page of 67