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Top performing suburbs by 12 month growth

Suburb Property Type Median Price 12 Month Growth
Forrestdale 6112, WA House $1,694,000   76%
Adventure Bay 7150, TAS House $536,000   55%
Alfred Cove 6154, WA Land $1,206,000   51%
Abbotsford 2046, NSW Unit $2,115,000   49%
Albert Park 5014, SA Land $450,000   47%
Albert Park 5014, SA Unit $380,000   45%
Charleville 4470, QLD House $263,000   42%
Muirhead 0810, NT House $600,000   42%
Rainbow Beach 4581, QLD Unit $330,000   42%
The Hill 2300, NSW House $1,320,000   41%

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If owned outright, property can generate return from capital gains and/or through rent. If you have bought a REIT you will receive distributions of rental income or dividends depending on the company’s structure.
Negative gearing occurs when the expenses of a residential property (interest, depreciation, etc.) are greater than the income (i.e. rent) received. This creates a loss which can be used to offset income tax.
The four main categories of property are residential property, commercial property, real estate investment trusts and property syndicates.