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Why we think Australian equities are kinky

Why we think Australian equities are kinky

8 Feb 2016 | InvestSMART | by Jonathan Ramsay

InvestSMART has recently reviewed their Diversified Portfolios and projected returns for the different asset classes. The take-away? Our portfolios remain well diversified and we have decided not to change any weightings across the various asset classes. Australian equities, are currently a little bit kinky or volatile, but at these prices, should provide a decent long term returns with a few meaningful bumps along the way. Bond investors shouldn’t expect too much.

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Tax reform killed by cheap pollies

4 Feb 2016 | Intelligent Investor | by John Addis

Yesterday, I went in search of evidence of the well-known complexity of Australian tax law, finding it in the 11 volumes of t…

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Megatrends for investors

9 Jun 2015 | AMP Capital | by Shane Oliver

It’s part of human nature to give more weight to the short term rather than the long term. The desire for instant gratificati…

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What is risk in investing?

1 Apr 2015 | Dr Shane Oliver (Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist - AMP Capital) | by Shane Oliver

What is risk? Surely that is a stupid question as everyone knows what risk is when it comes to investing...

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