2319, NSW

Heatmap: Median Price, Houses
Median Price
Capital Growth
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Median price
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Median price
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Prices for Mallabula

Houses Units
SNR = Statistically Not Reliable
Median Price $420,000 SNR
Long-term Trend SNR SNR
Auction Clearance Rates SNR SNR
Days on Market SNR SNR
Discounting SNR SNR

Median Price Movement

Demographics (2319)

Country of Origin 2319 Postcode Region
Country of Birth Not Stated 19 20867
Italy 3 818
Canada 0 640
South Eastern Europe 0 541
India 0 862
Iraq 0 48
Viet Nam 0 137
Marital Status 2319 Postcode Region
Never Married 213 116998
Widowed 49 20789
Family Statistics 2319 Postcode Region
Couples (all) 89 38554
One Parent (all) 44 18958
Industry of Employment 2319 Postcode Region
Construction 34 11347
Professional Scientific And Technical Services 13 12540
Monthly Loan Repayment 2319 Postcode Region
$1-$299 5 2284
$3000-$3999 4 5765
Religion 2319 Postcode Region
Christian (Not Stated) 6 10135
Nature of Occupancy 2319 Postcode Region
Rented 98 45218
Occupation 2319 Postcode Region
Administration 25 4176
Arts & Recreation 0 1955
Non-school Qualifications 2319 Postcode Region
Certificate I and II 3 4538

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