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You see it but you don’t believe it

2 Sep 2015 marketvectors-australia by Russel Chesler It would be naïve to think that ‘confirmation bias’ doesn’t exist in financial markets. It goes a long way to explain the failings of most Australian equity portfolios.

Investors should not blindly accept robo advice outcomes

23 Jul 2015 InvestSMART by InvestSMART While the advent of automated “robo-advice” holds huge promise for delivering accessible, low cost investment planning tools for ordinary Australians, much of the current crop of technology falls well short on delivery.

Where SMSFs can turn for ‘validation’

26 Jun 2015 InvestSMART Trustees of self-managed super funds can build some investment confidence if they follow the simple rules of allocation and diversification.

A global approach is key to higher returns

20 May 2015 Cadence Capital Limited by Karl Siegling Australian investors would be well served investing portions of their equity investment portfolio into global equities to take advantage of the fall in the Australian dollar and falling interest rates. Karl Siegling from Cadence Capital explains how you can profit from these downward trends.

The NFL draft is on now. Learn how to make your portfolio dominate like the New England Patriots

1 May 2015 marketvectors-australia by Russel Chesler Whether you are managing a sports team or an investment portfolio, relying only on one...

Market Thinking - A view from the equity market

16 Mar 2015 AXA Investment Managers - Mark Tinker Two Friday the 13th's in a row, and the "ides" of March thrown in for good measure, not a good few weeks for the superstitious perhaps, and equities generally have certainly seen a pickup in volatility, while US equities have sold off. According to the ‘noise markets' this is all about concerns over when the Fed will tighten. More likely it is a combination of market mechanics, as it usually is.

India: the new tiger?

13 Mar 2015 Standard Life Investments India requires a series of major structural reforms to realise its economic potential. If these are achieved then India could follow in China’s footsteps as the most dynamic emerging market economy.

Where to seek shelter in a global currency storm?

13 Mar 2015 Russell Investments The currency market can often feel like a brewing storm. For Australian investors with overseas holdings, currency fluctuations are a significant source of concern, and potentially, rewards. In this article, Scott Fletcher outlines why and how investors can manage currency risks in their investment portfolios.

All that glitters

12 Mar 2015 Aberdeen Asset Management - Thinking aloud On the surface, everything in the equity world appears lustrous. So far this year, global equities are up by around 4% in aggregate and the best-performing regions, notably Europe and Japan, have risen by at least twice as much. But scratch beneath this gleaming facade, and the picture becomes a bit less alluring.

When is it too good to be a long term investor?

12 Mar 2015 BT Investment Management - Samir Mehta I allocate up to 20-25% of my portfolio to cyclical stocks when markets are extremely risk averse. When investors expect tough times ahead and cyclical stocks tend to get beaten down, those stocks usually trade at very cheap multiples. I prefer to look at price-to-book valuations, as estimating book values for cyclical stocks is easier than estimating earnings.

1 - 10 of 689 results

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