The Intelligent Investor Growth Fund is listing on the ASX. Initial Offer closes Friday.

The numbers you need



... is how much a bidder paid for an all-you-can-eat tour of the See's Candies factory in Los Angeles escorted by the world's richest investor and most generous philanthropist, Warren Buffett. The money - $A169,700 - will go to charity.

$7.8 billion

... is the Commonwealth Bank's record cash profit in the year to June 30, a rise of 10 per cent. It paid a final dividend of $2 a share.


... is how much a retiree couple would need a year to achieve a "comfortable" retirement. The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia says $32,656 a year is needed for a "modest" retirement.


... is the number of hits for the Ask an Expert feature during the Financial Planning Association's financial-planning week last year. It's financial-planning week again next week but questions can be submitted now at

The numbers you need

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