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FOMO sees first home buyers battle unexpected costs

It's been an exceptional few months in the property market. In February, values rose 2.1% nationally - the biggest monthly jump since 2003. March saw a 2.8% uptick, the fastest climb in 32 years. Thankfully, price growth for April settled down to 1.8%.
2d ago

5 ways to start investing for your kids

Setting up investments for children can give kids a financial head start when they reach adulthood. The trouble is, many parents don't know where to begin.
2wks ago

1 in 3 Australians lose money to crooks

Over the past 12 months, scams have cost Australians $201 million. In the first three months of 2021 alone, crims fleeced their victims out of $63 million.
2wks ago

InvestSMART's Conservative Portfolio: March Quarter Review 2021

It was a slightly strange quarter for the Conservative Portfolio in that it was its defensive assets that suffered falls while the growth side surged. It's rare to see a quarter of trade like the one we have just seen, and you need to put it into the perspective of your risk profile and your investment time horizon.
3wks ago

InvestSMART's International Equities Portfolio: March Quarter Review

The International Equities Portfolio picked up where it left off in the final quarter of 2020, adding 6.50 per cent after fees in the quarter and beating peers by 0.4 per cent. In the 52 weeks to the end of March 31, the portfolio is up 24.50 per cent after fees highlighting the incredible bounce back the world has experienced in the post-COVID world.
4wks ago

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