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Wrap it up

Financial advisers like to push investment platforms but customers should investigate the benefits first, writes Annette Sampson.
12yr ago

Hold tight, this could take a while

AFTER Nic Lyons briefed analysts about GPT's decision to cut expected 2008 income by 27 per cent and its expected distributions for the calendar year by almost 31 per cent, the chief executive was asked whether the property group's strategy still worked.
12yr ago

CMC Markets Weekly Report

It was not a good week for the local market with the S&P/ASX 200 losing almost 3% or 155pts to finish the week at 5082.1 points. Friday's activity helped restore some ground with an 83 point gain after posting 4 down days. The 4 major banks all had good gains late in the week after coming under pressure earlier. ANZ, in particular, saw heavy selling trading below $17.60, but rallied later in the week to close at $19.52. BHP closed down $2.19 from the previous week's close at $40.70. Gold miners fared better on the back of a rise in the spot Gold price. Gold closed the week at US$934.50. Newcrest Mining closed the week at $29.98 up from $28.89 a week earlier. The RBA left interest rates unchanged at its July board meeting this week, as expected by the markets.

12yr ago

Happy New Financial Year?

Most investors won’t be sorry to see the back of the 2007/08 financial year. Share markets weakened all over the world, with the exception of a few emerging markets. The Australian share market is down more than 14% as I write, and will almost certainly record its worst performance in 26 years. And there wasn’t much, if any, money to be made in other asset classes. There was, in a sense, no place to hide, except in cash. For the year, even balanced funds are likely to show a negative return, and it’s been six years since we’ve seen that happen.
12yr ago

How to offset the financial impact of educating a child

Children might be a blessing but forking up the funds to finance a decent education isn't child's play. The more you have, the more expensive it gets. But perhaps the best way to think about saving for school fees is as an investment in your child's future.
12yr ago

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