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Bulls and Bears: Chris Caton on investing in 2008

BT’s Chief Economist Chris Caton has worked in financial services for more than 17 years, witnessing major events like the ’87 crash, the tech bubble and even the local banana crisis. We talked to Chris about his experiences as a long-term investor and what he thinks about investing in 2008.
12yr ago

Oil and shares - this year's Factor X

The big slump in shares from their highs in October/November last year to their lows in March this year was driven primarily by the credit crunch. However, the continued surge in the oil price has played a major role in the slump in shares since mid-May which has now taken them below their March lows.
12yr ago

GE fast to collect, slow to disperse

AT LEAST 2000 customers owed compensation by the nation's biggest consumer credit provider, GE Money, are still awaiting payment for harassment by the company's debt collection department.
12yr ago

Tough times send equity raisings into tailspin

SHAREMARKET woes lopped 17% off Australian companies' equity raisings last financial year, with data revealing a sharp divide between emerging companies struggling for a foothold and their more established rivals.
12yr ago

GE victims still wait for compo

AT LEAST 2000 customers owed compensation by Australia's biggest consumer credit provider, GE Money, are still awaiting payment for harassment by the company's debt-collection department.
12yr ago


PUBLIC TRANSPORT Common sense and the connies - why do we wait?
12yr ago

CMC Markets Weekly Report

The ASX 200 rallied to close higher into the end of the week, although unconvincing, as sellers once again emerged to stifle recovery through the 5000 level. Negative sentiment still plagues the market, especially through the financial sector.

12yr ago

Time to take the acid test

Could you deal with the unexpected? Put your financial safety net through the latest scrutiny from our sister publication, AFR Smart Investor, to find out.
12yr ago

How fixed-interest funds fare in the money trap

If you've ever taken a passing interest in share-based managed funds, you'd know there is often a big gap between the best and worst performers - particularly over shorter periods such as one year. Fund managers have different investment objectives, different investment styles, and can operate in different sections of the market. And, frankly, some are just better than others.
12yr ago

If you run with bulls, watch out for bears

Harvey Kalman is a man with a conundrum. As head of funds management with Equity Trustees he is responsible for Australia's best-performing diversified Australian share fund. But it's not something he can boast about. Over the past year the fund has lost 1.85 per cent.
12yr ago

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