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Institutions sink Hegarty's payout

INSTITUTIONAL shareholders have blocked a planned $10.66million "early termination" payment to Oxiana's founding managing director Owen Hegarty, the man credited with turning it from a penny dreadful in 1994 into Australia's third-biggest diversified resources group.
12yr ago

GPT's hotels portfolio on the block

GPT has moved to shore up its balance sheet with the sale of its hotels division, worth about $900 million, but analysts said this could be a tough ask, given the weak state of the local tourism market, as well as difficulties in borrowing amid the credit crisis.
12yr ago

Policy change hits health-care cards

THE negative impact of a policy change in this year's federal budget keeps broadening. From July 1 next year, tax-exempt superannuation pensions will be counted not only for the super co-contribution and Centrelink benefits, but when assessing a person's entitlement to health-care cards.
12yr ago

Super survey surprise

MOST Australians do not understand that the decline of sharemarkets could reduce their superannuation account balance, according to a new survey. A survey of 1000 people by investment firm Mercer found 72% expected their super balance to be higher on their next statement despite deepening market turmoil and fears of a banking crisis.
12yr ago

Dignity, loyalty and drama

Lindsay Thompson was a dedicated family man and a much-admired politician. His life was also prone to extraordinary outbreaks of drama, writes Victoria Peel.
12yr ago

CMC Markets Weekly Report

The Australian Stock Market suffered another losing week, with the S&P/ASX 200 giving up 139.5 points to close the week at 4840.4. The market has now ended in the red for nine consecutive weeks. The Dow Jones Index rose more than 200 points on Thursday night despite the fact that Merrills, Microsoft and Google all released forecasts that fell short of analyst's targets. Citigroup reported a smaller than expected second-quarter loss on Friday, helping the Dow Jones to rise nearly 50 points. Softer Commodity Prices helped push Rio and BHP lower as Oil and Gold both retreated from their highs.

12yr ago

Superannuation returns in perspective

Jitters about the effects of market movements on superannuation are only natural, but should you really be worried? Recent headlines like “Super fund returns worst for 20 years”1 highlight the effects market movements have on short-term super performance.
12yr ago

Spin fails reality test

Have you noticed that every second advertisement for retirement investment advice features the same couple: fit, good-looking, smiling broadly as they holiday in the lap of luxury.
12yr ago

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