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Tax reporting and general reports

Tax statements for the InvestSMART PMA are released in October. 

The statement will be emailed to all clients and can also be downloaded via the Tax Statement section in My Account.

You can generate other reports on the online platform in PDF or CSV format.

Go to My Account > Portfolio Reporting > Reports.

You can generate the following:

  • Investment Portfolio Report: Provides a valuation of the portfolio at 30 June for the year chosen
  • Cash Transactions Report: A cash transaction statement for the date range selected
  • Investment Income Report: Shows dividends received and franking information
  • Realised Capital Gains Report: Shows capital gains/losses that have occurred
  • Unrealised Capital Gains Report: Shows capital gains/losses that have not yet occurred or been realised.

Please request this via the chat function in the bottom right of your screen. Alternatively please email your request to

You can generate a Cash Transactions Report on the online platform in PDF or CSV format.

Log in and go to My Account > Portfolio Reporting > Reports.

Related topics

You can view all the investments held which are included in your Account online through a single login, even if you have invested in more than one Model Portfolio.

If you are already invested please feel free to visit the My Account section of the website and select My Investments to view:

  • Investment Summary
  • Current Holdings
  • Transactions
  • Dividends & Interest
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • InvestSMART Fees 
  • Allocation Preferences
  • Investment Preferences


Your portfolio data is updated daily. Please note, you will always see the previous days closing values.

Our investors have multiple ways that they can contribute further funds to their investments with us. 

  1. To add funds to your existing portfolio(s) you can simply use the BPAY details first emailed to you. We will invest the funds in line with your current portfolio(s) allocation. If you don't have the BPAY details see Step 2.

  2. Log on and go to My Account > Add funds. Here you can:

    1. Distribute additional investment across your existing model

    2. Distribute additional investment to one or more specific models

    3. Custom - Distribute additional investment and adjust current model weights

    4. For more help see Adding a new Model Portfolio(s) or making a targeted contribution

  3. Lastly, you are able to create a Regular Contribution Plan which requires a minimum of $100 to be made available to be drawn from your nominated bank account via direct debit in the middle of each calendar month. 

If this option suits you then please click the article linked below on how to set up a plan through your My Account section.

Setting up, or changing, my Regular Contribution Plan

What is a Specific Contribution?

A specific contribution is when you want to add funds to either a new portfolio or an individual portfolio inside your account.

How do I do this?

You can add funds to a new portfolio alongside your existing portfolio(s) or choose to add funds to a specific portfolio online.

Log on and go to My Account > Add funds.

  • Select 'Add Funds'
  • Enter Contribution Amount by Dollar Figure ($)
  • Provide New Allocation Breakdown by Percentage (%) and then select Next
  • Select Verify to receive a Code via Email or SMS
  • Enter Code to Complete Verification

You'll be shown and emailed your Bpay details so you can make the funding payment.

If you change your mind and haven't sent funds, you can cancel the request. This will allow you to start a new request.

Examples of each contribution type

Adding a new Model Portfolio(s) to your PMA

You have $10,000 in the Conservative Portfolio already and want to add a new  $10,000 investment into a Balanced Portfolio.

Contributing to a specific Model Portfolio(s) within your existing PMA

You have invested $10,000 in the Growth and $10,000 in the High Growth portfolio but only want to add $5,000 to the High Growth.

You can switch between Model Portfolios or alter the combination of Model Portfolios on which your portfolio is constructed at any time. Your instruction will generally be acted upon during the next rebalancing date after receiving your request online.

You can submit this request by taking the following steps:

  • Click My Account and My Investments
  • Select Modify Allocations
  • Click Adjust My Allocation
  • Provide New Allocation Breakdown by Percentage (%) and then select Next
  • Select Verification and use preferred option - Email or SMS
  • Complete Verification

If your request requires additional funds to be transferred then the details will be shown in accordance with what you need to contribute along with the BPAY details unique to your investment account.

If you require assistance, please contact our friendly team via the chat function in the bottom right corner.