Oliver's Insights

The federal budget will boost the stockmarket in two ways, says Shane Oliver. It will help economic activity and lead to more...

10 May 2006 | Shane Oliver

Return Flight

The Prospector has been busy trawling through announcements made to the ASX over the last week to find out how the fund manag...

8 May 2006 | The Prospector

Danger Money

Investors deserve a premium for going into the stockmarket rather than risk-free government bonds, but how much? Shane Oliver...

5 May 2006 | Shane Oliver

A Big Bear Turns

A recent trip to Asia has changed Stephen Roach’s gloomy outlook for the world economy. Four signals have made him smile. J...

3 May 2006 | James Frost

No Worries

The profit growth of Australian companies is restrained when compared with the market in 1987 and the tech bubble. While ther...

28 Apr 2006 | Shane Oliver

Fatter Wallets Will Win

Petrol prices may be higher but CommSec economist, Craig James, says soaring private wealth levels could still lift retail st...

24 Apr 2006 | Craig James

The Outlook is Fine

In its latest quarterly economic outlook, the ANZ's economics team led by chief economist Saul Eslake forecasts a broadly pos...

12 Apr 2006 | Saul Eslake

World Beater

Industrials — not miners — underpin the ASX outperformance over the past five years, says a report from Boston Consulting...

10 Apr 2006 | Boston Consulting Group

Oliver's Insights

The growth/defensive concept of portfolio allocation is living on borrowed time because of the blurring of asset classes, say...

5 Apr 2006 | Shane Oliver

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