Our analysts are happy to answer questions relating to their recommendations but are unable to answer questions on stocks they do not cover. They also love answering questions on value investing and investing in general.

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Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 3d ago

Thorney Opportunities & Thorney Technologies LICs

Thorney Opportunities Ltd (TOP) & Thorney Technologies Ltd (TEK) Both these LICs are trading well under their NTA (ie TOP @ 19% discount; & TEK @ 9% disc). I read an informative article about Alex Waislitz at https://www.afr.com/brand/afr-magazine/2018-afr-rich-list-meet-alex-wais... InvestSmart's Kohl interviewed the Gowings LIC's honcho. But most of their investments aren't listed. So the discount to NTA could be rubbery. Could the II Team analyse the Thorney LICs please? A gig for Alex Hughes? Is this an opportunity to invest alongside the Pros.

Gaurav Sodhi Answered by Gaurav Sodhi 3d ago

BHP's buyback offer

The BHP Billiton Limited Off-market buy-back tender closes soon. I don't seem able to find any II thoughts on the offer. Have I missed the advice, or if not, does II have any thoughts on the buy-back? Thanks Ward

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 4d ago

ARB Corp below buy price

Can you advise whether your Buy recommendation at $17 for ARB still applies? I understand from your Q&A that a review is imminent following the annual report and update in October. The stock is now well below $17 at $16.58 but I’m wondering if your review will lower the Buy price to reflect current weakness.

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 4d ago

Cash in portfolios

I notice that the II Growth and Income portfolios are holding around 15% cash. Is this because of the market volatility / waiting for better opportunities to invest etc.?

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 5d ago

Do portfolio weighting limits take account of cash?

Hello, Regarding portfolio limits: does the percentage limit include the cash component of the portfolio or is the percentage limit a percentage of the equity portion of the portfolio only. Thanks, Robert

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 1wk ago

10 best stocks for dividends

what are the current best 10 share stocks on the ASX for dividend return

Mitchell Sneddon Answered by Mitchell Sneddon 1wk ago

Differentiating between ETFs

Dear Team, Now that I am 80 and retired I have decided to use ETFs as part of my portfolio. I have selected ASX200 ETF, but I am confused by the plethora of different issuers. Could I ask you for your general opinion which would you recommend as the best and safest? Thank you for all your help over the years, Michael.

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 1wk ago

Two-strikes rule

Hi guys, What happens when the Adoption of a Remuneration Report is not passed at an AGM? Thanks, Stuart

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 1wk ago

Price Guide Changes

Hi there. I purchase shares at say $40 based on your recommendation and a couple of months later you do a review and drop the recommended purchase price to say $30. For the cost of brokerage does it make sense to sell those shares (assuming they are still trading above $30)? It seems to me that I no-longer have the recommended margin of safety as I have in effect bought in at too high a price.

Graham Witcomb Answered by Graham Witcomb 1wk ago

Other infrastructure stocks

Hi Graham, I’m interested in investing in infrastructure stocks which don’t come with franking credits. You presently cover Sydney Airport (hold) and Transurban (avoid). Would you consider re-instituting your coverage of Spark Infrastructure? Would you also consider covering Macquarie Atlas Roads and Infigen Energy? I think a few of your readers might be interested in shares that don't come with franking credits, for obvious reasons. Thanks, Sue

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