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James Greenhalgh Answered by James Greenhalgh 2hrs ago

Coles/Wesfarmers cost base

Dear InvestSMART. Could you please tell me what the cost base is for the COL shares allocated from WES please? What would that make the cost base for WES afterwards please? Thank you Maureen InvestSMART member

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 1wk ago

Do dividend reinvestment plans dilute existing shareholders?

A question regarding Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRPs). Where do these shares issued from the company come from ? If new shares are issued, does this dilute the value of existing shares ? Thanks Rod

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 1wk ago

Why don't you cover A2 Milk?

Why don't you cover A2Milk? It's in the food business, has a good range of products, has a broad market base and appears to be making money.

Nathan Bell Answered by Nathan Bell 1wk ago

What is INIFs likely dividend yield?

Can you please let me know what the overall dividend return percentage was for the income portfolio for the last few years? Not sure if you can quote an average franking credit percentage? This portfolio might suit me as a source of long term "LIC Like" growing dividend income, with the plan to never sell, so not concerned too much about share price/growth.

James Greenhalgh Answered by James Greenhalgh 1wk ago

Wesfarmers remains a Hold

I am contemplating an investment in WES as a high yielding stable stock. I tend to hold proven growth stocks like ARB and CSL and to be skeptical of buying stocks for high yield, as a plunge in their value could wipe out a decade of yield gains. (eg the banks and Telstra at present). Its current price is close to your Buy end, and its long term price stability is reassuring - also its diversified assets. I'd appreciate you comments. (Maybe the banks and Telstra will rebound, but I'm skeptical.)

Rakesh Tummala Answered by Rakesh Tummala 3wks ago

Challenger on the radar

Any view on CGF and its update? Too complex? Will the annuity business grow in the future (in light of super changes and uncertainty) – ie due to fear? Thanks

Graham Witcomb Answered by Graham Witcomb 3wks ago

Crown class action

I have recently received documents form Maurice Blackburn in relation to a class action against Crown centred around the arrest of their employees in China in 2016. Understanding that you cannot give personal advice, what are your views on the validity of the action and participation in it?

Tony Kaye Answered by Tony Kaye 3wks ago

SMSF trust question

Is it correct that, if the Labor Party changes to franking credits go ahead many SMSFs might benefit from LICs or shares that have a “trust” structure? If so can you identify some of these which you cover?

Max Newnham Answered by Max Newnham 3wks ago

Questions for SMSF

I have two questions/comments regarding1. A possible strategy re franking credits My wife and I are both over 70 years of age.Our assets are just above the cut off for access to aged pension. I have been advised by the Shadow Treasurer's office that if in future I become eligible for an aged pension if funds in the SMSF were transferred to personal names the franking credit cash refund would then apply. Advise if you are in a self-managed super fund, you will not be exempt, even if you do later qualify for the pension. If you took your money out of a SMSF annd simply owned shares, then later if you qualified for the pension, you would be covered by the Pensioner Guarantee. Not all my shares are ones that pay dividends with franking attached. MY SUGGESTED STRATEGY Once age pension is approved I transfer shares with franking credits to our joint names leaving other shares in SMSF. This would protect the bulk of the cash refund of franking credits2. An interesting implication if Cash refunds for SMSF are lost For over 10 years my SMSF has had shares in Copper Strike Ltd (CSE). The only major asset of CSE is a share holding in Syrah Resources Ltd (SYR). Directors of CSE have indicated that when they will sell these shares in due course and return proceeds to shareholders indicating it would be by way of capital return plus franking credits. Proceeds of sale by CSE will create a tax liability for it and in turn franking credits. The ATO have given advice that proceeds after tax can be returned to CSE shareholders in the year after sale is completed. The bulk of proceeds returned will be franking credits and if Labor's policy is in place my SMSF will not receive any refund.Your comments appreciated

Tony Kaye Answered by Tony Kaye 3wks ago

SMSF franking credits

For what is worth I would like to submit my ideas of the ALP franking idea. I think the super funds will be taxed after they have received income above $85K. The income will consist of: dividends, capital gains and franking credits. I think the $1.6m cap will go and the excess franking credits will be refunded. I believe this will make the system simple to manage and fair to all. I look forward to your comments.

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