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Latest Q&A With Our Experts

Alex Hughes Answered by Alex Hughes 2h ago

thorn vs flexigroup

Hello, just wanted to get your view on Thorn Group vs FlexiGroup. Given they're both currently trading on similar multiples, which is the better business from your point of view? Thanks

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 5d ago

Effect of US interest rate rises

With US interest rates rising, what are the effects on stocks like RESMED or CPU?

Gaurav Sodhi Answered by Gaurav Sodhi 6d ago


Would you be able to comment on Ardiden on recent announcement of Share Purchase Plan? Are there any value in increasing holdings? What are the prospect of Lithium mining?

Tony Kaye Answered by Tony Kaye 6d ago

Tax and SMSF

Hi All.

Enjoy all your articles. My question is about contributing after tax funds to our SMSF and satisfying the work test. I am 70 years old and our super fund is in pension mode. I do not have any problems satisfying the work test' but do I have to do this before making my contribution or can I do either at any time during a financial year.

Thanks Richard

Gaurav Sodhi Answered by Gaurav Sodhi 4h ago


Your thought please on the outlook for APA which is again reaching for its 5 year high and yield now in low 4%s. Thanks

Gaurav Sodhi Answered by Gaurav Sodhi 14h ago


With SANTOS nearing your $3 strike price and seemingly falling every day without any new news, is it time to re-visit the analysis? I've been accumulating the entire way down but a little bit of fear is starting to creep in!

Philip Bish Answered by Philip Bish 1w ago

Update on HHV

Hello II team, Just interested to get your latest view on Hunter Hall Global Value (HHV). Following all the excitement of the recent corporate play around its parent company HHL, which resulted from the shock departure of Peter Hall, HHV’s share price has been sinking faster than a souffle. As of last Friday, it sits at a 10%+ discount to pre-tax NTA. With influential and successful shareholders, Washington Soul Patts and Geoff Wilson sitting on its share register, and a dividend yield of 5.9% (9%+ gross), is it be getting close to buy territory?

James Greenhalgh Answered by James Greenhalgh 1w ago

A beef with Australian Agricultural Company

Hi Guys, love your work. Thank You. A penny for your thoughts on Australian Agricultural Company? The business transformation seems to be going swimmingly. Do you buy in?

James Greenhalgh Answered by James Greenhalgh 1w ago

APN Outdoor's margins look high

Hi James G, you commented on a question about APN Outdoor about a year ago suggesting it may be of interest at the right price. It looks to me that we may be getting close to that point. Have you run the ruler over it again? Cheers

James Greenhalgh Answered by James Greenhalgh 1w ago

Will Amazon affect Trade Me?

Is Trade Me likely to be affected by the Amazon juggernaut (in addition to Facebook)?

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