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Philip Bish Answered by Philip Bish 4d ago


Hi guys. I'm trying to work out the difference between the LIC MFF's trading price (about $1.87) and its reported NTA. The most recent NTA report says $2.31 pre tax (less 1c dividend) and $1.965 post tax. Then we have a paragraph about 2017 options which, if exercised, would reduce the NTA by a further $0.166 (approx). So...putting that together... does this make the post-tax NTA $1.965 - $0.01 (dividend) - $0.166 (options) = $1.789? If so, then at $1.87, MFF is trading above it's NTA, right? Can you please clarify? Maybe I've gone wrong somewhere. I hold a large chuck of MFF in my SMSF, which I bought at an average of $1.92. It's gone nowhere for about 18 months (well that's not true, it's went down a lot but recovered a bit recently) and I'm not sure whether to hold onto it... Thank you and Happy Easter!

Philip Bish Answered by Philip Bish 4d ago

Investing in LICs trading at a premium to NTA

Hello, For those off us looking into buying into Forager Australian Fund, as it trades at a premium to NTA how would you go about assessing its value or how much extra you should be prepared to pay. For instance, if you believe it will continue to outperform the market and achieve returns off 5% above the ASX per year how much of a premium should we be prepared to pay for this return. Is there a formula you are aware off. Or alternatively what are your thoughts on investing in funds that trade at a premium to NTA. Regards, Anthony

Philip Bish Answered by Philip Bish 4d ago

When will Platinum Asia Investments pay a dividend?

Regarding PAI - when can we expect a dividend to be paid?

Philip Bish Answered by Philip Bish 4d ago

URB Investments

Apparently URB Investments failed to list on ASX as scheduled in the prospectus. Why? It appears from media reports that URB only raised $100m of the $300m sought. What are URB Investments saying to investors? What is the likely outcome for investments in URB given this smaller capital raising ? Bruce 10 April 2017

Mitchell Sneddon Answered by Mitchell Sneddon 4d ago

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

PIC is currently trading at $1.02 and at that price is trading at a discount to NTA. I am considering purchasing 30,000 which would be about 5% of my portfolio. Is this LIC still rated a buy ? If so at what entry price. Thank You, David

Alex Hughes Answered by Alex Hughes 4d ago


Hi Alex, I read your article and listened to the podcast on Thorn Group. One of the your comments that stuck out to me, was that you believed the recent issues with ASIC weren't systemic or deliberate. There was an announcement that the CEO resigned on Friday. He'd been working at the company for 25 years and it seems like odd timing, just a few weeks after the class action against them was made. Does this change your opinion at all? Thanks Dan

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 6d ago

Recommendations trump price guides

Regarding ASX Ltd, I notice that you recommend a BUY under $50.00, but in all your latest reports including my Investsmart portfolio stats. the stock is a HOLD. Can you please explain.

Gaurav Sodhi Answered by Gaurav Sodhi 1w ago

What are non-renounceable rights?

Hello, To the uneducated [me] what are, non-renounceable rights, in the case of TPM [TPG] and what does it mean for the share holder please? Thank you for taking the time to answer, Brian.

Jon Mills Answered by Jon Mills 1w ago

New to investing

I am new to this investing business, through Rabo Direct. Wondering how do you buy shares? Do you buy through the Intelligent Investor, or through another avenue?

Tony Kaye Answered by Tony Kaye 1w ago

The tax advantages of resetting shares to their market value

I don’t understand the concept of selling shares to crystalise capital profits prior to the introduction of the $1.6 million cap. Why would this need to be done, as the shares are shown at their market value each year and as a result the gains have already been recognised?

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