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Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 1wk ago

Which stocks should I invest in for yield?

Could you please give me details of shares paying higher dividends

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 1wk ago

Risks of TraCRS

I would be interested in your opinion on the risk of purchasing TRaCRS from Chi X in terms of the risk of ChiX being the underlying owner of the shares instead of the investor ?

Nathan Bell Answered by Nathan Bell 1wk ago

Cash and the InvestSMART Ethical Fund

Hi, a question for Nathan re the InvestSMART Ethical Share Fund. With the initial raising and the sudden appearance of cash in the fund I see a tension between the need to get on and invest 70%+ of the funds (ie hold 30% of total or less in cash), vs need to be patient and wait for opportunities. Is this an issue and how do you manage that, or am I overthinking it? Thanks

James Greenhalgh Answered by James Greenhalgh 3wks ago

Woolworths share buyback - review coming

I have been looking at selling my Woolworths shares for some time. Is the Off-market buyback a good opportunity or is it better to wait? I'm also not 100% sure on the process? Seems to me they are offering a price at a reduction to the weighted average for the preceding 5 days before the sale date? There must be some advantage in selling at this time, but what is it? Regards, Mike

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 3wks ago

Withholding tax on URW CDIs

With the upcoming URW dividend on the 12th April and its reported 30% withholding tax, I have been in touch with Computershare on a number of occasions to ascertain if there is a way to reduce the tax to 15%. They advise that as the dividend to CDL holders is via France the requirement is a 30% withholding tax with no way to reduce this. On your reports you have advised that the withholding tax should be 15%. Can you advise how I can reduce the withholding tax from 30 to 15%? If the tax can be reduced to 15% then I would like to buy some more URL as I believe with the upcoming Federal election and likely elimination of Franking Credits (If Labor win and in my circumstances having a SMSF) then URW is a good dividend stock for the future. Can you kindly advise regarding the withholding tax situation please?

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 3wks ago

A number of LICs are trading at a discount to NAV. Is now the time to buy?

Any reason why currently a few reputable International LIC's such as PGF, APL, EAI, EGI are all selling at more that 10 % discounts to their NTA ? Would this be an opportune time to buy ?

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 3wks ago

What should I invest in?

Hi again guys, just after some thoughts on investing in general. Really looking for options for the long term, income/dividend driven but quite risk averse/defensive. I am aware that 7% plus is achievable, but really for something reliable/safe (well as possible anyway!), I would be happy with a solid 4-5% return. For a fairly inexperienced investor, I was thinking either a LIC such as Argo, or an ETF such as VAS, or buying both. Would this be sensible when aiming towards an income paying portfolio, and fairly 'safe'? Or any other suggestions? Thanks

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 3wks ago

Why do you have spec buys?

Re recent spec buys question. With an average annual return of 8.5% a year which is less than the All Ords, wouldn’t that show evidence that Argo, AFIC, market wide ETF etc make more sense than going down the spec buys route which involves more work and volatility compared to next to nothing for the former if the long term return is less than market average. Eg specs are returning similar results that many managed funds with high fees achieve. Put another way why go spec buys if not adding value under current system? Also does it not signify one major problem is that your recommended buy in prices are too high on average and altering that is the key to better returns more so than your selling prices ?

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 3wks ago

How hard is it to sell a LIC or an ETF?

Hi there. Probably a basic question but is it straight forward to sell LIC and ETF shares/units? For example if one buys a heap of shares of a LIC or ETF, but then 10 days later needs to sell (bad idea I know) for whatever reason - is it a simple case of selling them via a broker instantly, or do you have to wait until someone else wants to buy the shares and offers a certain price (like property)? Basically is the investment retrievable at any moment? Thanks

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 3wks ago

Any commentary on the Buffett annual letter?

Have I have missed your usual commentary on Buffet's Annual Letter to Shareholders ? You usually provide some thoughts on his letter, but I didn't see anything this year.

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