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James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 10hrs ago

Impact of market correction on Perpetual

Hi Guys. Still worried about Perpetual. We are due for a market correction / crash and PPT is one of the few businesses in the market that’s actual performance is affected by market crashes (due to drop in FUM). If the market dropped by even 20% plus some outflows due to change in sentiment (I think this a very plausible base case scenario) - surely it is looking expensive.

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 10hrs ago

Competition for Integrated Research

The Australian company Atlassian has bought the Boston based OpsGenie. OpsGenie produces software aimed at preventing software and web site outages and downtime. Does this represent a greater threat to Integrated Research which, with my limited knowledge, works in the same world.

James Carlisle Answered by James Carlisle 10hrs ago

Don't try to time market

My wife both have our Super invested 100% in International shares. On is hedged, one unhedged. We are intending to move them into a a more diversified self-invest option in the near future. While we realise it is ill-advised to attempt to predict exchange rates or markets, we feel the US market is 'toppy' and the Aus/US$ exchange rate is as low as it has been in recent memory. We are wondering if there needs to be a different strategy, timing-wise for each.

James Greenhalgh Answered by James Greenhalgh 5d ago

Propel Funeral Partners

Do you have anything on Propel Funeral Partners (PFP). My adviser is suggesting that I include them in my portfolio due partly to their growth strategy in the death care services industry. Thanks

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 6d ago

Portfolio Weightings

Hi - I note when you review a stock you talk about the percentage you should hold. I find this useful however I don't understand the methodology you're using. I'm assuming it has to do with risk vs return but would like to understand what metrics you use to make this call so I can apply the methodology across my portfolio. So, are you able to step through the process you go through to determine the holding percentage? I'm trying to adopt a methodology across our entire portfolio to be more disciplined in how we make sell down/buy decisions. Thanks

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 1wk ago

Equity Valuation

Hi guys, I've only been doing this a few years now (as a hobby) and am finally getting my head around some of the basic variables of investing. (Intrinsic) valuation is something that I always have and probably always will leave up to you as the experts to work out for me (via buy recommendations, with built in safety margins etc.). However, I have read in a couple of investing books recommending that it is good to have some understanding of company valuations. I understand that you may have intellectual property rights etc. around this, but are there (starting with a very non complex company, that you currently cover in some depth, so that I can track it on an ongoing basis) any company workings that I can review to understand exactly how you have valued a (very basic real life example) company? In addition, are there any good (starting) books that you could recommend that I read in conjunction with reviewing the valuation? Yours hopefully, Rob

Graham Witcomb Answered by Graham Witcomb 1wk ago

Why infrastructure stocks' earnings are lower than dividends

Thanks for taking questions.  Mine is one that has always puzzled me - How are Utility stocks such as Ausnet (AST), Spark (SKI) and Transurban (TCL) able to sustain paying dividends that are supposedly higher than their earnings?    I understand that a company can do so in the short term from cash on hand or debt but this can't be maintained long term. However,  every so often over the years I've looked at them and see the same thing.  Surely the way the figures are presented distorts the reality? -  or not?  Could you explain please?  Regards,  Jamie, Melbourne.

Tony Kaye Answered by Tony Kaye 1wk ago

Money for nothing article

I am interested in your article about "money for nothing". Are you saying that in retirement you can still make a CC as a lump sum such as you would make when still working? I believed that superannuation in pension mode is tax free so is this interest from money outside super?

Mickey Mordech Answered by Mickey Mordech 1wk ago

Scentre Group Question

To the Intelligent Investor team, I would like to ask a question on SCG please. In yesterday AFR, one of the property articles stated that 'Scentre's debt to pre-tax earnings ratio now sits around 6.75 times, while it has a covenant to maintain its existing credit rating of 7 times. Scentre's pre-tax earnings would only need to decline by around 3.5 per cent for the covenant ratio to be breached'. Is this a concern for SCG unit holders? What would be the consequences if the covenant ratio is breached?

Max Newnham Answered by Max Newnham 1wk ago

Transferring super assets to children

My wife and I are both retired and have a self managed super fund with around $1.6 million each. The trustee is our old trading company of which we are the sole shareholders and directors. I am 64, 65 in October, and my wife is 63. The fund has been in pension mode for the last 6 years and we have binding death benefit nominations to each other. Our wills also reflect that the remaining survivor inherits the super fund.

If one of us dies does the other inherit the other's super funds tax free and would we then have to transfer $1.6 million out of the self managed super fund to keep within the new limits? Can we now, or if one of dies, transfer $600,000 each to our 2 adult children without them having to pay tax?

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