Company Name Offer Status Offer Opening Offer Closing Expected Listing Date Issue Price Overview
China Dairy Corporation Limited Open 9 Nov 2015 18 Mar 2016 5 Apr 2016 $0.20

The Group’s operations are located in Heilongjiang province, China, where the Group is predominantly focused on the production and wholesale of raw milk, and the rearing, breeding and sale of dairy cows. As at 30 June 2015, the Group owned over 22,000 cows with an aggregate raw milk production capacity of approximately 238 tonnes per day. In addition, the Group has 73 individual partners through which it has an aggregate raw milk production capacity of 374 tonnes per day.

Sugar Dragon Limited Open 4 Feb 2016 7 Mar 2016 21 Mar 2016 $0.20 Sugar Dragon Limited owns a 72.5% interest in Okmno Asia Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong (Okmno). Okmno is a confectionary wholesaling business based in Hong Kong. Okmno contracts the manufacture of the confectionary products with manufacturers in Germany and mainland China. Okmno also contracts with wholesale customers in East Asia. The majority of Okmno’s revenue is derived from sales to wholesale customers in South Korea and Taiwan.
N1 Holdings Limited Open 13 Jan 2016 23 Feb 2016 12 Mar 2016 $0.20

N1 is an Australian based mortgage broking business that uses disruptive online comparison technology to provide access to mortgage and car loan products to its clients. N1's client base is comprised of both Australian and foreign borrowers (principally from mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan)

Trac Group Holdings Ltd. Open 25 Dec 2015 23 Feb 2016 3 Mar 2016 $0.25

Trac Group has designed smart roofing solutions that can also harvest the sun’s energy to generate electricity and heated water. This technology is called Roof Integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal (RIPV-T) and is marketed by Trac Group under the TractileTM brand. Worldwide there are 514 cities with a population of more than 1,000,000 people and 211 of these cities are within countries in which patents relating to its TractileTM Products have already been granted to Trac Group. Of the 303 cities remaining, 257 are the subject of patent applications that are in the process of examination.

Skin Elements Limited Open 7 Jan 2016 5 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016 $0.20

Skin Elements is a developer of natural skin care technology and formulae and holds a portfolio of skin care products including the award winning Soléo Organics natural sunscreen (Soléo Organics) and the Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics (EJNC) brands. The company aspires to become a significant national and international participant in an increasingly health conscious consumer market and in doing so aims to become the number one recognised national and international sunscreen band.

Tesserent Limited Open 24 Nov 2015 5 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016 $0.20

Tesserent provides Internet security services to help organisations defend against cybercrime. Tesserent has developed a security infrastructure platform, known as the MSSP Platform, which enables delivery of Security-as- a-Service (also known as SECaaS) on a subscription basis to small and large organisations to protect their computer networks.

Golden Eagle Mining Ltd Open 28 Jul 2015 15 Feb 2016 To be advised $0.20

Golden Eagle Mining is a mineral exploration and development company with a primary focus on gold, in proven gold-producing districts near Coolgardie, in Western Australia. Golden Eagle Mining has a combination of drill ready gold targets that have been advanced over the previous four years via an extensive exploration programme totalling $3,000,000.

JC International Group Limited Open 20 Oct 2015 15 Feb 2016 To be advised $0.80

JCI Group provides an integrated, one-stop workforce sub-contracting solution. Initially, the Company provided a total workforce solution to China’s State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in their domestic construction projects. In recent years, the Company has grown to become the leading Chinese company with the requisite licences to provide these same workforce solutions to Chinese SOEs expanding overseas construction operations.

Ding Sheng Xin Finance Co. Limited Closed 4 Sep 2015 2 Oct 2015 To be advised $0.60

Ding Sheng Xin Finance Co. Limited’s operations are mainly comprised of financing guarantee services, such as the guarantee of a borrower’s loan repayments to a bank. The Company is now also providing non-financing guarantee services, such as performance guarantees (the guarantee of a party’s obligations under a contract) and litigation guarantees (the guarantee of a party’s obligations to court during litigation).

ApplyDirect Limited Closed 3 Dec 2015 16 Dec 2015 To be advised $0.25

ApplyDirect is to disrupt and change the very nature of the recruitment process, by connecting employees directly with employers. ApplyDirect is the combination of a profound insight into a customer problem and years of hard work in creating what appears to be, to the users and those outside the Company, a simple solution. It is in fact a complex piece of proprietary software which, is unique and difficult to replicate in terms of both the intricacy of the system and the investment of time to iterate a basic search engine to ApplyDirect’s level of sophistication.

Vectus Biosystems Limited Closed 24 Nov 2015 24 Dec 2015 To be advised $1.55

Vectus was founded on the ground breaking discoveries by Dr Karen Duggan and her team. Their insight into the function of the native Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP), combined with 9 years of research and testing to date, has led to the development of a new class of mimetic drug candidates and a drug library supported by a portfolio of intellectual property.

Bitcoin Group Limited Closed 7 Jul 2015 25 Jan 2016 To be advised $0.20

Bitcoin Group is an Australian based pureplay Bitcoin Mining operator, currently producing approximately 1.45% of the global mining output, by operating 5.3 petahashes of mining hardware in seven mining sites across China, Iceland and Australia.

Alphatise Limited Closed 4 Dec 2015 29 Jan 2016 To be advised $0.20

Alphatise has created a marketplace where people around the world can connect online to sell and buy goods by smartly connecting buyers and sellers. The marketplace provided by the Alphatise system is one of a few which enables sellers to respond to specific demands from buyers. Sellers can use Alphatise to reach buyers who have expressed interest in their products or services.

Koolsee New Media Group Limited Closed 2 Nov 2015 29 Jan 2016 To be advised $1.00

The “smart home” market, as part of what is now known as the “Internet of Things”, is one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the world today. Koolsee is a start-up provider of smart home products and services, and will commence business in the China market, where the appetite for this technology is particularly strong.

River Rock Energy Limited Closed 23 Nov 2015 29 Jan 2016 To be advised $0.20

River Rock Energy has completed the detailed work program description under the LAA which is required to move forward with the proposed Heritage Survey. This material has been submitted to Martu People representatives and River Rock Energy has also commenced work related to planning field operations that will be required for the Heritage Survey support team and associated personnel required to conduct the Heritage Survey.

Abundant Produce Limited Closed 9 Nov 2015 29 Feb 2016 To be advised $0.20 Abundant Produce is a private Australian company based in Sydney. It specialises in the development of seeds for new varieties of high-value food crops that can be grown under non-ideal conditions, particularly greenhouse vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes.
Soon Mining Limited Open 27 Aug 2015 28 Mar 2016 To be advised $0.20

Soon Mining Company Limited (Soon Mining Ghana), a company incorporated in Ghana. Soon Mining Ghana is a West African gold explorer with the primary purpose of developing the Kwahu Praso Gold Concession in the eastern region of Ghana (Project).