Initial public offerings (IPOs), also known as floats, give you the opportunity to invest in a newly listed company whose shares are being offered to investors for the first time. InvestSMART brings you exclusive access to selected IPOs and capital raisings.

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Floats & IPOs - extract only

Company Security Code Float Date Issue Price First Day Close
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AirXpanders, Inc AXP 22 Jun 2015 $1.50 n/a
ALT Resources Limited ARS n/a $0.20 n/a
Altona Resources Limited AOA 29 May 2015 $0.20 n/a
amaysim Australia Limited AYS 15 Jul 2015 $1.80 n/a
Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited ALI 3 Jul 2015 $2.00 n/a
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1st Available Limited 1ST 9 Jun 2015 $0.35 $0.18
Flexiroam Limited FRX 16 Jun 2015 $0.20 $0.20
Gateway Lifestyle GTY 11 Jun 2015 $2.00 $2.08
All dates are indicative only and are subject to change without notice.