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Investment news

Forager International Knicks a Bargain

17 Sep 2014 Forager Funds - by Gareth Brown Forager International Fund is invested in the New York Knicks through The Madison Square Garden Group - Gareth Brown discusses why he thinks this was picked up at a bargain.

Sigma At Support

12 Sep 2014 CMC Markets - by Michael McCarthy Despite a stronger performance, investors appear disappointed with Sigma's H1 results - bringing the stock to a key chart point.

Global Markets Review - August

11 Sep 2014 Betashares - by David Bassanese In my monthly Global Markets Review for August, I observe that developed and emerging market equities continued to rise, helped by a rally in bond yields which was due to heightened expectations that global monetary conditions would remain very accommodative for some time.

Are we living a ‘Truman Show’ reality?

11 Sep 2014 Schroder Investment Management Australia - by Ray Macken Even ugly ducklings can grow up to be swans someday and we have started to observe a number of fallen stocks recover and perform well this year as either management teams change (vis APN) or new owners perceive value where the stockmarket didn’t (

Celebrating a little spark of madness

11 Sep 2014 Schroder Investment Management Australia - by Ray Macken July rebounded after a weak June, led by resource names, which saw the ASX200 hit its highest level since before the GFC. Globally, equity markets struggled through the month, but the Australian market enjoyed its best returns in six months as resources stocks led the charge, especially the major iron ore names.

Why new reforms make Chinese stocks attractive?

10 Sep 2014 Michelle Gibley, Director of International Research, Schwab Center for Financial Research - by InvestSMART source Chinese stock valuations are currently low and potential gains from the government's reforms are far-reaching, making investments in China more attractive.

Scottish independence would be highly contagious

10 Sep 2014 Allister Heath, The Telegraph, UK - by InvestSMART source “The Catalans and Basques of Spain will be watching carefully; and further afield, separatists in Flanders, northern Italy and elsewhere will be jumping up and down with joy if Scotland votes for independence”

Bonds: a licence for stability

10 Sep 2014 FIIG Securities - by Angus Knight Investors in retirement need to be more protective of their capital. They simply cannot afford the same amount of risk in their portfolios as younger investors who are still employed. They need to be able to plan their lives and to do that they need certainty of income. Direct investment in bonds can provide the certainty that retirees need.

CBA PERLS VII CAPITAL NOTES - Think twice before buying

9 Sep 2014 BR Securities Australia - by David Bickford The more you know about an investment’s potential performance under a worst case scenario the more prepared you are both emotionally and financially to make good investment decisions. Preparedness includes correctly pricing for the long term as well as being ready to transact, by either buying more or selling, under adversity.

Bill Gross (PIMCO) - For Wonks Only

5 Sep 2014 InvestSMART for PIMCO - by InvestSMART source Overnight the European Central Bank (ECB) cut its official interest rates in reaction to faltering European growth. Bill Gross from PIMCO believes that Draghi and his council are dragging the chain.
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