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Investment news

House prices - be alert not alarmed

19 Sep 2014 Betashares - by David Bassanese Much has been made this week of the claim by the Bank for International Settlements that local house prices may be seriously overvalued. This is based on the view that the current house price-to-income ratio and house price-to-rent ratios are around 40% and 50% respectively above their “long-run average”. These estimates also seem relatively high by global standards.

Macquarie Bank Capital Notes (MBLPA) - we prefer the MBLHB

18 Sep 2014 BR Securities Australia - by David Bickford The issuance of Basel 3 compliant Alternative Tier 1 notes, also called hybrids or equity-like securities, continues with the announcement of the Macquarie Bank Capital Notes, expected to trade on the ASX under the code MBLPA.

Britain Needs Unity Not a Messy Break-Up

18 Sep 2014 by Anthony O'Brien This is the worst possible time for Britain to consider leaving the EU – or for Scotland to break with Britain.

The euro’s political weak spot

18 Sep 2014 by Anthony O'Brien French politics is a major direct menace for the euro, even if that dénouement might still be three years away and it might appear a low possibility. But, if the threat materialises, it will be lethal for the euro. - Michael Collins, Investment Commentator at Fidelity

The risk of new "bail-in" hybrids

17 Sep 2014 FIIG - by Angus Knight My commentary this week runs along my rather common theme of late: Hybrids, their complex structures and inherent risks. There are an estimated 75,000 consumers invested in hybrids in Australia. I believe this is an area that deserves some attention.

Forager International Knicks a Bargain

17 Sep 2014 Forager Funds - by Gareth Brown Forager International Fund is invested in the New York Knicks through The Madison Square Garden Group - Gareth Brown discusses why he thinks this was picked up at a bargain.

Good news on employment may not last

15 Sep 2014 Betashares - by David Bassanese The surge in employment last month now closes the inconsistency gap that had developed in recent months between forward labour market indicators and actual labour market performance. It’s also consistent with the step up in GDP growth in H1’14.

Sigma At Support

12 Sep 2014 CMC Markets - by Michael McCarthy Despite a stronger performance, investors appear disappointed with Sigma's H1 results - bringing the stock to a key chart point.

Global Markets Review - August

11 Sep 2014 Betashares - by David Bassanese In my monthly Global Markets Review for August, I observe that developed and emerging market equities continued to rise, helped by a rally in bond yields which was due to heightened expectations that global monetary conditions would remain very accommodative for some time.

Are we living a ‘Truman Show’ reality?

11 Sep 2014 Schroder Investment Management Australia - by Martin Conlon Even ugly ducklings can grow up to be swans someday and we have started to observe a number of fallen stocks recover and perform well this year as either management teams change (vis APN) or new owners perceive value where the stockmarket didn’t (
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