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Company Name Offer Status Offer Opening Offer Closing Expected Listing Date Issue Price Overview
Rental Management Investment Trust Open 9 Nov 2012 To be advised To be advised $1.00

The Rental Management Investment Trust (RMIT) has been established as a "Feeder Investment Trust" to be an ASX listed investment trust investing in the unlisted RMA Fund and other entities that own residential property management businesses with returns, structure and risk profile similar to the RMA Fund.

HuaYi Resources Limited Closed 11 Dec 2013 18 Feb 2014 15 May 2014 $0.20

Huayi Magnesium and Jincheng Magnesium (the Magnesite Companies) are involved in the production of caustic calcined magnesite powder and magnesite exploration in PRC respectively.

American Patriot Oil & Gas Limited Open 1 Apr 2014 28 Apr 2014 12 May 2014 $0.20

American Patriot is an oil and natural gas exploration and development (E&P) group, geographically focused on oil and gas exploration and development opportunities in Rocky Mountain Basins.Since its establishment, American Patriot has assembled what the Board considers to be a portfolio of prospective oil and gas exploration assets in America.

Managed Accounts Holdings Limited Open 7 Apr 2014 2 May 2014 15 May 2014 $0.20

Established in 2004, managedaccounts.com.au is a leading specialist administrator of Managed Accounts in Australia. Significant time, effort and capital have been spent-to-date on developing the necessary infrastructure and business solutions to deliver a whole-of-portfolio solution.

China Mining Limited Open 9 Dec 2013 5 May 2014 $0.20

China Mining Limited is a professional mining group which focuses on global mining investment and development business. China Mining are currently undergoing mining projects in Australia, aiming to assist overseas mining companies to develop business with China, and helping the Chinese investors to invest in the overseas mining projects. We intend to work alongside with other mining organizations and to co-operate wherever possible, to promote the mining industry.

Mount Adrah Gold Limited Open 23 Apr 2014 21 May 2014 6 Jun 2014 $0.20

Mount Adrah Gold was incorporated in November 2010 to provide a gold-focused entity to fund and develop gold exploration projects.

Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited Open 15 May 2014 5 Jun 2014 16 Jun 2014 $1.00 The Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited will be a listed investment company mandated to invest in a diversified portfolio of alternative assets managed by a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited.
Asaleo Care Limited Open 17 Jun 2014 20 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014 $1.80 Asaleo Care is a leading personal care and hygiene company. The Company manufactures, markets and distributes consumer products across the Feminine Hygiene, Incontinence Hygiene, Baby Hygiene, Consumer Tissue and Professional Hygiene product categories.
3P Learning Limited Closed 27 Jun 2014 4 Jul 2014 16 Jul 2014 $2.50 3P is a global online education company that offers cloud-based, software-as-a-service products for schools and students in grades K-12.
Global Value Fund Limited Open 2 Jun 2014 4 Jul 2014 14 Jul 2014 $1.00 Global Value Fund is an investment company that provides shareholders with the opportunity to invest in a global portfolio of securities purchased at a discount to their underlying asset value.
Dimerix Bioscience Limited Closed 16 Jun 2014 8 Jul 2014 28 Jul 2014 $0.20

Dimerix was established in 2004 to commercialise heteromer assay technologies. Dimerix’s main focus is GPCR heteromerisation, or the ability of GPCRs to form higher-order complexes.

Bellamys Australia Limited Not Open 14 Jul 2014 24 Jul 2014 30 Jul 2014 $1.00

Bellamy’s offers consumers an organic food range for babies and children with over 30 products in its range. All products are 100% Australian-made and 100% certified organic.

8Common Limited Open 27 Jun 2014 8 Aug 2014 22 Aug 2014 $0.25 8common’s software solutions help customers get organised, boost productivity and deliver results. Their customers range from Australian listed companies and government agencies through to real estate professionals in North America who adopt their solutions to simplify how they get things done.