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Company Name Offer Status Offer Opening Offer Closing Expected Listing Date Issue Price Overview
UIL Energy Limited Closed 2 Sep 2014 10 Oct 2014 25 Oct 2014 $0.20 UIL Energy’s strategy is focused on targeting the onshore Perth and Canning Basins, which have a history of commercial petroleum production and contain both unconventional and conventional plays. This offers the opportunity to prove-up substantial resources and provide the potential for early commercialisation. The majority of the Company’s Permits have been strategically secured close to existing infrastructure, allowing for easier delivery of product to market. UIL Energy holds high percentage interests in its Permits, allowing flexibility in considering development options to maximise value creation.
Huon Aquaculture Group Limited Open 14 Oct 2014 17 Oct 2014 23 Oct 2014 $4.75

Huon has a proud Tasmanian heritage and has grown since its inception in 1986 under the stewardship of Peter and Frances Bender. Ongoing investment in innovation, commitment to the Huon Method of farming and the Company’s marketing initiatives have been integral to strengthening Huon’s position as a world class salmon producer.

GPT Metro Office Fund Open 10 Oct 2014 22 Oct 2014 31 Oct 2014 $2.00

The Fund is a newly-established Australian real estate investment trust which offers investors an exposure to a quality portfolio of six A-grade metropolitan and business park office properties located across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Portfolio has been independently valued at approximately $375.9 million.

NAOS Absolute Opportunities Company Ltd Open 26 Sep 2014 24 Oct 2014 12 Nov 2014 $1.00

The Company is seeking to raise a minimum of $15,000,000 at $1.00 per Share with attaching options on a three options for four Shares basis that will be exercisable at $1.00 on or before 30 November 2016. The Net Asset Value (“NAV”) per share on listing will be $1.00 as all costs and up front fees will be covered by the Manager.

Ascend Biopharmaceuticals Limited Open 2 Oct 2014 31 Oct 2014 14 Nov 2014 $0.35

Ascend is a clinical-stage company developing innovative cancer treatments. Ascend identify disease settings where targeting the disease microenvironment or specific cell types can improve clinical outcomes.

eCargo Holdings Limited Open 7 Oct 2014 31 Oct 2014 18 Nov 2014 $0.40

eCargo provide eCommerce enabling and operation outsourcing services and offer a wide range of services for their clients from fulfilment, operating online sales channels, warehousing, customer delivery, marketing expertise and much more. eCargo work with brands and retailers around the world to gain entry into China, the fastest growing online market in the world.

Bailador Technology Investments Limited Open 10 Oct 2014 5 Nov 2014 19 Nov 2014 $1.00

Bailador has been established to invest in Internet-related Businesses in Australia and New Zealand that require growth capital. In particular, the Company will focus on software, internet, mobile, data, online market-places and telecommunications-related businesses with proven revenue generation and management capability, demonstrated business models and expansion opportunities.

CBG Capital Limited Open 25 Sep 2014 7 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014 $1.00 CBG Capital is a newly incorporated company that was established on 4 April 2014. The purpose of the company is to provide investors with access to a listed investment vehicle which will actively manage a portfolio of investments in listed Australian companies.
IPH Limited Not Open 27 Oct 2014 10 Nov 2014 19 Nov 2014 $2.10

On Listing, IPH will wholly own Spruson & Ferguson, one of the leading intellectual property (“IP”) services firms in the Asia-Pacific region, servicing over 25 countries from offices in Sydney, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and supported by a representative office in Shanghai. IPH will be the first IP services firm to list on the ASX.

Premiere Eastern Energy Limited Open 8 Sep 2014 10 Nov 2014 24 Nov 2014 $0.20

The Group is a leading integrated supply chain manager of refined petroleum and other petrochemical products within the PRC, based strategically in the Guangdong Province, PRC, where there is a strong demand for energy. As an integrated supply chain manager, the Group is engaged in the sourcing, storage, shipping, sales and distribution and after-sales services of petrochemical products.

Perpetual Equity Investment Company Ltd Not Open 21 Oct 2014 28 Nov 2014 12 Dec 2014 $1.00

Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited offers access to the Manager’s consistent track record of investing excellence, which is underpinned by the Manager’s proven investment process that focuses on value and quality.