Upcoming floats

Company Name Offer Status Offer Opening Offer Closing Expected Listing Date Issue Price Overview
Rental Management Investment Trust Open 9 Nov 2012 To be advised To be advised $1.00

The Rental Management Investment Trust (RMIT) has been established as a "Feeder Investment Trust" to be an ASX listed investment trust investing in the unlisted RMA Fund and other entities that own residential property management businesses with returns, structure and risk profile similar to the RMA Fund.

HuaYi Resources Limited Closed 11 Dec 2013 18 Feb 2014 15 May 2014 $0.20

Huayi Magnesium and Jincheng Magnesium (the Magnesite Companies) are involved in the production of caustic calcined magnesite powder and magnesite exploration in PRC respectively.

Victor Group Holdings Limited Open 7 Mar 2014 31 Mar 2014 11 Apr 2014 $0.20

Victor Group Holdings Pty Ltd was established in June 2006 and provides Marketing Management Training, Brand Planning, Marketing Strategic Planning, and importing Advanced Management Mode to enterprises.

Fifth Element Resources Limited Open 7 Mar 2014 2 Apr 2014 17 Apr 2014 $0.20

Fifth Element Resources is a junior mineral exploration company that has assembled a diversified portfolio of highly prospective projects located in the mid-west of New South Wales. Their portfolio provides exposure to the key commodities of gold and copper.

Beacon Lighting Group Limited Not Open 24 Mar 2014 4 Apr 2014 15 Apr 2014 $0.66

The Beacon Lighting brand was first established in 1967. Since then it has become Australia’s leading specialist retailer of lighting, ceiling fans and light globes, offering customers a wide range of products with knowledge, service and advice.

360 Capital Office Fund Open 31 Mar 2014 11 Apr 2014 24 Apr 2014 $2.00 360 Capital Group Limited (360 Capital) is a real estate investment and funds management group that concentrates on the strategic investment and active investment management of real estate and real estate-related assets.
Acorn Capital Investment Fund Limited Open 27 Mar 2014 11 Apr 2014 30 Apr 2014 $1.00

Acorn Capital Investment Fund will provide investors with the opportunity to gain access to an Investment Portfolio managed by Acorn Capital Limited (Manager), an established boutique asset manager with a long track record of successfully investing in Microcap Companies.

Stavely Minerals Limited Open 26 Mar 2014 23 Apr 2014 7 Mar 2014 $0.20

Stavely Minerals Limited is a mineral exploration company formed to acquire early to advanced stage exploration projects with demonstrated high potential for additional discovery.

American Patriot Oil & Gas Limited Open 1 Apr 2014 28 Apr 2014 12 May 2014 $0.20

American Patriot is an oil and natural gas exploration and development (E&P) group, geographically focused on oil and gas exploration and development opportunities in Rocky Mountain Basins.Since its establishment, American Patriot has assembled what the Board considers to be a portfolio of prospective oil and gas exploration assets in America.

China Mining Limited Open 9 Dec 2013 5 May 2014 $0.20

China Mining Limited is a professional mining group which focuses on global mining investment and development business. China Mining are currently undergoing mining projects in Australia, aiming to assist overseas mining companies to develop business with China, and helping the Chinese investors to invest in the overseas mining projects. We intend to work alongside with other mining organizations and to co-operate wherever possible, to promote the mining industry.