Wraps and master trusts
Portfolio management made easy

As your assets grow and your finances become more complex, managing your portfolio can become a full-time job. That's where a Wrap can help.

A Wrap is a convenient portfolio management tool that combines all of your assets up in a single, easy-to-manage vehicle, making them easier to control. And that's not the only benefit. A Wrap can also offer you:

  • Convenience. All your reporting is consolidated, helping you track your investments easily with less paperwork. It also makes tax time simpler, with one consolidate year-end statement.
  • Value for money. Depending on your situation, a Wrap could help you save on administration and investment costs, with a competitive and transparent fee structure.
  • Choice: Wraps can offer a wide range of investment choices from leading fund managers and sector specialists, including independently owned boutique managed funds. So you can diversify your investments, without having to deal separately with multiple fund managers.
  • Risk protection. As well as investments, you can use your wrap to secure cost-effective personal insurance, including life, disability and income protection cover.